30,000 facebook giveaway – Thank you!

Giveaway Now Closed: Winner is Kathleen O’Keeffe and her friend Elyse Comerford

Runner Up: Christine West, to share her essences with her friend Susan Craven.

Congrats to the winners and thanks for everyone’s lovely words and for entering! Alexx x

So I went to say thank you on facebook with a giveaway and facebook made the competition disappear after 256 people had already entered!

I must have breeched the guidelines and am sorry to have done that if I did, but here we go all over again and I’ll leave it open until SUNDAY night 8pm, to ensure everyone gets to re-enter.

I called on some of my favourite like minded low tox business friends to help celebrate the 30K milestone on facebook. What do you have to do to enter? Comment in the comment thread here your email and full name and a friends’ email and full name and BOTH OF YOU WIN! I say email to ensure I can contact you both for sure if you don’t receive wordpress reply notifications… Up to you whether you put them or not. I understand privacy needs / preference so just check back Sunday night if you can remember to for the winner! 🙂

Winners will win 2 low tox packs – 1 for you and 1 for your friend, both valued at $250 each.

Comp 30K fans

I will draw at random a winner Sunday 8pm, Sydney time via random.org.

Everyone also wins, because my friend Irene Falcone who started the amazing Nourished Life, the same time I started my blog, is giving everyone 10% off her entire shop for 24 hours. Ends Saturday 11pm.

SHOP HERE and use the code LOWTOX to get your 10% http://bit.ly/nourishedlifehomepage

So what’s in the pack?

Here’s the brief version, with a little about each brand below.

RESPARKLE – A brilliant multipurpose spray as well as the bathroom cleaning spray. Refillable!

Luk Beautifood – A delicious Lip Nourish lipstick, made entirely of food!

Black Chicken Remedies – A pack full of  mini Black Chicken Remedies to get you acquainted with the gorgeous range.

Weleda Australia – All stars selection from their range, including the Arnica body oil, Lavender body wash, Skin Food and Almond soothing facial cream.

Republica Coffee – Their awesome raw superfood breakfast powder, organic fairtrade and biodegradeable coffee pods, their rich organic fairtrade Frida and Timor blends and a luscious hot chocolate powder.

Plus a couple of little surprises from me in there!

Good luck everyone and thanks for being a part of the community. xx


Here’s a special little something about these businesses that have been so generous to help me give these pressies because there’s a story behind each of them and their relation to me.


Resparkle was founded by lovely Melbourne woman Pearl Chan, around the same time I started my blog. She was determined to make nasties-free, high performing safe home cleaning products without the price tag. She’s also passionate about putting less plastic out into the world, thus the concentrated pod concept, where you keep refilling – it also means you’re not paying for a product’s weight that is 80% water, to be transported. Very smart and a great product for those who prefer to buy than DIY. Everyone I’ve recommending it to is always impressed on the efficacy front.

Luk Beautifood

Founded by super clever Cindy Luken, a friend who was determined to produce a lipstick from food active ingredients – So she did. The Lip Nourish range is absolutely gorgeous. Sheer, protective, nourishing food for your lips and oh the taste!!! No more worrying about petroleum ingredients or lead being swallowed down when you ‘eat your lipstick’. I still remember being at Cindy’s dining table when I first blurted out that I wanted to make my blog and my activism / education my business, after just newly having started an events business… Absurd, right? If your heart ain’t in it, and it’s somewhere else, you live a lie every day not following it, so thanks to supportive friends like Cindy, I went for it.

Republica Coffee

I met Jacqueline a few years ago and was excited to learn more about the way she paved for driving awareness for fairtrade, organic and carbon neutral commerce in the main stream – Republica was the first carbon neutral food business in Australia and her commitment is unwavering. The coffee’s gorgeous too! Added to the core coffee range these days are biodegradeable pods and a delicious range of superfood powders including a breakky one and a detox one. We’re good friends these days too, and she lives up the road and we like dancing and yoga!


The Arnica Oil was the first low tox product I ever owned – A present from my Auntie from Paris about 15 years ago, and you couldn’t get it here, so it was super precious to me. I absolutely loved the smell and was drawn to it without realising why back then – it was the ONLY naturally fragranced product I had. Makes perfect sense, now that I was craving natural things and didn’t even know it! Anyway, one of their team did my first low tox course and then the second round the whole team did it – They are a real deal company and the local team is a lovely bunch of committed people. These days I use the salt toothpaste, rosemary hair tonic, White mallow cream, Birch juice and the calendula range for the little man which I’ve used for him from day dot. Most of the range is available from Nourished Life too – yay!

Black Chicken Remedies

I loved the Balm of Ages the minute I smelt it and have worn it as a perfume of sorts for the past 2 years. Then I found out Chey the founder and maker liked my blog and I had a bit of a fan girl moment. I got over it. She let me have a play with the whole range and gosh it’s gorgeous. The Love your face serum is the last thing I put on at night. A delicious face oil indeed! The Axilla deodorant has attained a cult status and the cacao facemask is the closest one can come to feeling like you’re eating chocolate without actually eating it. Baby smooth skin thereafter. Anyway, me and Chey are friends now and catch up as we’re around the corner from each other. She wants me to adopt her so she can eat here every day. I’ve got the papers but it’s an admin nightmare. Her products are also available from Nourished Life, so you can nab that discount this weekend!

Nourished Life

It was love at first chat with me and Irene. She mentioned phenoxyethanol being in so many natural products, in the very early days when she was building her range up. I too was concerned about it because I don’t believe you can have a ‘safe’ level of a hormone alterning chemical (that’s the class it’s in) when it’s something that will accumulate over time in the body. Makes no sense. Anyway, I’d met my nerdy low tox match and we’ve been friends ever since. She has done an amazing job building up Nourished Life. She has been known to recall hundred of orders if a didgy ingredient emerges and I have utmost respect for that level of commitment to keeping things low tox as well as gorgeous and appealing.

AND a last minute arrival for a runner’s up prize – 4 gorgeous essence blends from lovely friend Naughty Naturopath Mum  and founder, Alisha – who thought this was a rather apt donation (hello!??? I need some!) given facebook ripped down my competition after 250 of you had entered. Ouch. Just looking at the bottles in the pic has made me feel better, must say. 1200 words lost – typed again!

Naughty Naturopath

The 4 blends that come in handy on those harder days.

Help – for shock, grief, anxiety

Slow Down – for feeling overwhelmed, pushed and pulled into too many directions, spinning head, scattered thoughts

Energy – for that nothing in the tank feeling, no motivation, no enthusiasm, no energy

Self Love – for second guessing yourself, for negative thoughts about how you look and act and any self sabotage patterns

Worth $65 and totally shareable between two friends!

Comp 30K fans

So there you have a little back ground of these special people and the awesome low tox packs to be given away! Please go and say hello, like their pages, try or buy their products. We have to support the good guys doing the right thing by us and the planet. It just makes sense and feels so good to do, doesn’t it? Weleda, Black Chicken Remedies and Luk Beautifood are all available on Nourished Life, where you have a weekend 10% off the entire store until Sunday 8pm so enjoy. LOWTOX is the code and pop through HERE to have a look around.


Thank you for being a part of the community & good luck with your entry! Remember your name and email and your friends’ – I’m not going to make you jump through hoops with 25 words or less. Just go for it!

Low Tox. Happy Us. Happy Planet.

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  1. Kristen Woodley! And I’m on holiday with no Internet until Thursday do if I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! X o

  2. my dear friend Liz would adore these products (as would I!) – I’ll give you her email if we win so she doesn’t get spammed!

  3. Jane Clark (who would not be happy if I put her email on the Internet haha!! But I’d be more than happy to pass it on 🙂

  4. I would love to gift this awesome prize to my eldest daughter Stephanie Beauchamp [email protected] With 5 daughters ranging from 6 months to 9 years she could really put all the goodies to good use!

  5. Helen Kerwin, my cancer surviving neighbour who hates the toxic floor cleaner the strata cleaners use as much as I do.

  6. My dearest friend Simone Coleman who has just been through an awful operation would dearly benefit from such a lovely gift (and I would just love it too!)

  7. Hi Alexx you gorgeous low tox lovely! What a kind and darn generous competition. I’d love to win this for Sally Warren, will pass on her email if we need to! Love your work 🙂

  8. I have been wanting to switch some of the products that I use, what a great opportunity to try some wonderful low tox substitutes!

  9. What a wonderful prize!! Both my sister, Hilary Leventis and I, Sheena Larter would be delighted to win. My email address is [email protected] and I can happily pass on Hilary’s email address when/if needed 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx

  10. Santana Eidel – nominate you!!! This website is amazing and so is the lady behind it… We need to think about how to change our school into a healthy real food space with this incredible lady!!!

  11. Congratulations Alexx on all those Low Tox likes! I would love to win this for my gorgeous best friend my mum (Nola Smith). She watched my journey and I’d love to give her a taste of these amazing products.

  12. Congratulations Alex, fantastic achievement! And what a giveaway! I would love to share this prize with Tania Gardner. Will pass on emails if we win. Thankyou for the opportunity. 🙂

  13. I love watching pages like this grow. Sharing some of your FB posts has started conversations and had me checking ingredients lists. You’ve helped make a lot of small changes in my house and my kids are benefiting from that. So thank you. For being so well informed and sharing it with us.

  14. I would love to try these products and share with my “Niece” Jennifer Hanna. The most amazing mum to 3 special boys. She has and is on a crazy journey and achieving incredible things. Do not want to post her email here but will relay it to you if we win 🙂 Thank you Alexx!

  15. Britt Dennis , my daughter would absolutely love this pack, as I would too! We are both looking for a good wholistic skincare range. 🙂

  16. Would love to share this prize with my dear friend, Sam McCulloch. (I won’t post her email without asking so will check back on Sunday!)

    Fingers and toes crossed!

  17. This would be a great starter pack for Laura-Jane Godfrey who is just starting to learn about low-tox living!!

  18. Awesome low tox course awesome giveaway…thanks Alexx!!!!!!!!!!! My sister in law Elise Okunew would love this too…fingers crossed!!

  19. For my friend Susan Benson who gave me your low tox course for Christmas – she put me on this healthy and exciting journey 🙂

  20. Hoping that my friend Sarah Odgers and I will win! I have been raving to her about the low Tox course as I have been going through it and she has already ditched the plastic and is beginning her low Tox journey, while she waits for the next course to start. I’d love to continue to share the love and ditch the chemicals with her. Thanks so much Alexx for all the inspiration.

  21. Wow fantastic prize pack. My girlfriend Vanessa Thompson and I would absolutely love this! Thanks for arranging so many wonderful products Alexx.

  22. Kasey Clarke… Who is just starting to get more curious about Low Tox Living… what a great starter pack for her!
    congrats in the 30,000 milestone Alexx! X

  23. Wow, what a great prize! This is just what my friend Alison Lambert and I need. ❤️❤️❤️ Well done Alexx!

  24. Myself and my best friend Hayley Osborne. We are both in the process of converting everything over to natural products.

  25. We are so happy to have found you through the Mindd Seminar, congrats on the milestone! xo
    Kylie Harrison Talty
    Sue Shoebridge

    We’ll check back to see if we won.

  26. I have a friend Lauren who is going through some fertility issues, I think a pack like this would help kick-start a low-tox revolution for her

  27. Jane Saliba and Priscilla Curran would love to be entered. We don’t want to put our email addresses due to spam.

  28. Sounds wonderful! I’d love to share this with my gorgeous mum Forough Hashemi if we are lucky enough to win 🙂

  29. Congratulations Alexx on your fantastic achievement, you’ve created a genuine and positive community! I’d love to share this with my lovely sister, Sarah Goodhart, who referred me to your Detox program, which has been a real eye opener, and enabled me to start making some positive changes in the way we live. xxx

  30. Congratulations on 30k Alexx. You are such an ambassador that the next 30k will happen in no time.

    I would love to win this for my strong, hilarious and caring aunt, Kay Wennagel.

    And myself, because I’m a bit selfish like that 😉

  31. Me – Sharyn Williams, and my sisters – Janelle, Melinda, Tanya (as i would actually share the pack between my 3 sisters )

  32. Congratulations Alexx!!! I would love to share this prize with my friend Treen who has been making a change away from a toxic lifestyle. Thanks so much for the opportunity xx

  33. Congratulations and what a beautiful way to celebrate this milestone!
    Having All fingers crossed hoping to win this for me
    Kristina Battley ([email protected])
    And a very good friend
    Louise Randell

  34. Carly Taylor.
    I nominate my lovely friend Krissy Ballinger.
    Good luck everyone.
    Congrats on the 30, 000! That’s massive!!

  35. what a gorgeous collection! i would love to win this and share with the lovely Anna Kellerman, I know you know how to reach her so won’t share her email 😉

  36. Congrats Alexx!

    Just put in a big order to Nourished Life, but would love to win this for my friend, Yaeli Ohana.

  37. My friend Dee and myself are both looking after injured other halves. It would brighten up both our journeys. Thanks Alexx and congrats, love your site and reference it often.

  38. Is it possible to wear ‘Help’ on one wrist whilst maybe wearing ‘self love’ on the other? Some help and self love is sorely needed here. I’m inspired that their inventors believed in, backed and empowered themselves enough to create all these lovely products. Kate Carloff ([email protected]) and Anneliese Fox

  39. This is such a great giveaway. Would live to win for my friend Ellen Marquart and me.
    Thank you for having piqued my interest in a low tox life xx

  40. I only just recently found you, but I love what you’re about and hope to take part in your low-tox course one day soon! Congrats Alexx on 30, 000 milestone! My mum (Michelle) and I could use some pampering and natural goodies!

  41. Thank you so much Alexx we are so excited!! Yay!!! We are so grateful, thank you to all those lovely businesses that have supplied the products we cannot wait to try them and share them on our own blogs.

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