5 ways to reduce junk in your kid’s lives

We know that junk isn’t the best option for our kids but it’s not always as easy as saying ‘no’ – in fact, I don’t recommend that you do! I hope you enjoy this free 13 minute seminar I’ve recorded to help you minimize it in your kid’s lives and see that with a few simple tricks and some tools in your pocket, it doesn’t need to stay the default it’s become in our culture.
And go on… have a laugh at the hideous freeze frame. I did!

 Fancy a little cheat sheet recap in a simple PDF along with a couple of seriously kid-pleasing recipes?
Here’s to less junk in our kid’s day to day so that every now and then when it comes along they either don’t fancy it too much or you can say ‘what the hey’ and go with the flow, knowing the majority of your daily food is the important bit.
Real Food. Happy Bodies.