Hello! I’m Alexx Stuart, founder of Low Tox Life. Thanks so much for considering affiliating our Low Tox Life e-courses - We have 5 now and another, Thrive, that is a collaboration.

I started this online education community back in 2009 because I was horrified once I’d taught myself about our food system, personal care and cleaning product and how certain ingredients were harming our health and planet, I was so sad that our education system - 17 years of which I spent time in formally - didn’t teach us that what we put on us or in us had an impact on ours and the planet’s health. I figured people deserved to know to make their own informed choices.

So, I coined the term ‘low tox’ to reflect my realistic appreciation for the grey areas in life, and the ‘go with the flow’ moments we make (with a view to uniting expert practitioners, scientists, and researchers together, along with my experience in teaching, training and motivation to create a hub that supported people in making healthy change for themselves and our planet). Most importantly, I wanted to support our community to do that in a judgment free space with a motivating and empowering bent, that allowed people to define their own priorities, preferences and ability for change where they’re at right now and operate from there. Too often we hold the notion of what is ‘perfect’ up to people and too often people feel like they’re failing, ashamed of not experiencing the epiphanies and successes of ‘those people doing it better’. This just doesn’t work. When I look around I see a lot of success and we need to build from whatever tiny change we make as a fantastic positive, and then support each other to make our next ones and our next… And so the low tox e courses were born - priced for most people to easily be able to afford, as I never wanted to be in the business of a small group of wealthy people getting healthy… Big change happens when lots of people get on board!

If you are a practitioner, a blogger, a change maker or manage a social media community with a focus on empowering people to lead healthier and happier lives while caring for our beautiful planet, then it’s perfect that you’re here. Affiliating our courses will help to create an additional revenue stream for you, and will work to best serve your patients, clients and communities and their goals (or perhaps your goals for them!).Practitioner affiliation - Let us help you get your patients and clients literate in the ways you need your clients to be, without you having to spend hours and weeks building ‘safe product lists’ or helping them workshop every label or product decision they’re considering when it comes to their food, their children’s food, personal care, cleaning and home products. Coaching, motivating and environmental toxin literacy is our wheelhouse. You earn an affiliate commission to expand your revenue, while getting your patients and clients in a better spot to have the work you do with them produce results and clinical goals. Our flagship course Go Low Tox has guides for UK, NZ and the USA.

Bloggers, community managers and fellow author and activist affiliation - Let us help you add revenue to your business to be able to continue the work you want to do, while also help your community kick their goals at various stages of their lives, with a variety of focuses.

It is super simple to become an affiliate and once you’re on board, every time you recommend one of our online course to your community and someone signs up, you will earn a commission.

So how do you become an affiliate? Super simple!


Step 1

Choose the course that you would like to affiliate from the list below, clicking on the blue title of the course will send you straight to our affiliate platform to sign up (if you want to be an affiliate for more than one course, you will be able to add other courses once you are registered with your first choice). You can read through the full sales pages linked in the hyperlinks at the end of each blurb, or go by the crib note blurbs here. All courses offer a lifetime access option and are on demand courses start any time and lifetime access for students. The exception is Go Low Tox, which is live-coached twice a year, but still has the life time access option as with the other courses.
This is our flagship course to help people go through their every day and reduce toxin exposures from synthetic fragrance to personal care, cleaning products, furniture and bedding, textiles, pest control, pets, make up, body, hair, sun, nails, EMFs, Teeth and water, mould and dust, plastics and more! 20 topics. 35 days. Personally coached live by me. Over 140K words in the course pdf + over 2,000 product recommendations. With over 3,000 alumni this is a very popular course with raving alumni, that has a life time membership of $229, making a 30% commission valued at up to $68.70 per sale if they choose this life time option (which 90%+ students do!). For more information, check out the course sales page here:
We’re more confused than ever about food and I created this course for 3 purposes: 1. To empower people to learn about the food system and become a savvy food procurer once you understand where things come from and how they’re made. 2. To motivate a return to scratch cooking, self empowerment, organic and ethical produce and reduction in additive laden processed foods. 3. To understand the role that food plays in preventative health and healing across a variety of chronic issues that many of us face today. $98 for life time access. On demand. $29.40 referral commission. For more information, check out the course sales page here:

Chronic inflammation affects 1 in 3 people by their 40s and some children now are even being diagnosed with chronic inflammatory illnesses. Folks, this ain’t normal! This course was born out of my own experience with Chronic inflammation being diagnosed with CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome) after years of unknowingly living in a water damaged building. It took a leaky tear duct to set off the chain of events that would eventually lead to my learning about many facets of inflammation and by consequence hear many community stories from low tox peeps battling joint inflammation, brain inflammation, mould, tick or dust mite inflammation, inflammation from electronic overexposure…
So many reasons we can become chronically inflamed and so I’ve gathered world renowned doctors, scientists and holistic practitioners to help us navigate this world and reduce inflammation, as well as providing a host of research, SOS and general anti inflammatory food guidelines, meal plan, mental health and lifestyle hacks to lead us to brighter, thriving futures. I cried in my kitchen when I read the first life-changing story that came from this course when a woman followed the lifestyle guidelines and meal plan to a tee and was then able to ride a horse for the first time in 17 years, pain free. This course changes lives. I’m in the business of changing lives as I know you are too, so for those who are inflamed in your community, send them over! $98. Life time access. On demand. start any time. $29.40 referral commission. For more information, check out the course sales page here:
When 1 in 6 couples have issues conceiving and you see massive billboard advertisements for IVF businesses, you know we have a problem. While assisted fertility treatments are a blessing for many couples who’ve struggled for years, in many cases, if we do some thorough work in the area of preconception preparation and biology optimisation, you can have a baby naturally! Whether it’s identifying a gene mutation that prevents you from processing folic acid into active folate, or a key nutrient deficiency identification or perhaps an environmental toxin exposure or oral care issue (yes there’s a strong link between the health of our mouths and our fertility!) this course serves those either wanting to tick all their boxes before doing the horizontal tango to grow a family or those who’ve been frustrated by a lack of ‘double line results’ or perhaps been told to go down the IVF road and wanting to give the holistic approach a red hot go first.
Why one joins the course varies, but empowerment and results are what all students have in common. $98. Life time access. On demand / Start any time. $29.40 referral commission. For more information, check out the course sales page here:
For parents, teachers and carers, Low Tox Kids expands the topic of environmental exposures as is relevant to the raising of children - both in terms of WHAT the issues are, what to replace things with from lunch boxes to bath gels to baby monitors and everything in between, and then what to do in terms of ensuring they are educated from the get go on all things low tox - albeit the junior version. If we get this right, not only do we reuse toxic exposure to our children in the fastest years of growth our bodies experience, but we also ensure we raise low tox literate kids who understand WHY we don’t have a bazillion cheap plastic toys, who find it strange and bad that everything be packaged to excess and that get why we don’t buy every fake fragranced impulse purchase at the clothing store counter.
A topic on this course is also to assist you in communicating your wishes with family and other carers without rocking the boat (or at the very least minimising friction when faced with people with no knowledge and different values to yours!) $98. Life time access. On demand / Start any time. $29.40 referral commission. For more information, check out the course sales page here:
Just because something’s common does not make it normal, and the situation we are faced with as parents today is NOT normal when it comes to our children being welcomed into the fold of eating nourishing foods to help them thrive and sustain them through rapid growth.
Thrive is a course I created with the wonderful Brenda Janschek a fellow advocate for our children’s right to Thrive. Over 10 topics (and 4 bonus topics if they choose the bonus upgrade pack) we empower parents to instill a love of real food into their children, trouble shoot fussiness, bring family together over food in a stress free, low stimulation environment, make breakfast and lunch options that introduce variety and abundance of nutrients instead of same stuff, different day sandwiches/cereal, we talk nutrient density, mindful eating and body image - all vital skills for life to reduce meal time stress and increase a love of a variety of foods, a deeper understanding in our kids as to why real food is important (something previous generations of parents didn’t need to do because highly processed packaged foods and junk just didn’t exist). It’s a life changing course for the 2000 + parents who have taken it and you can either start it on demand, or you can wait until the annual live coached round. $44.70-$59.70 referral commission depending on on-demand or live enrolment. For more information, check out the course sales page here:

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You can then start affiliating and promoting the course(s) you have selected using your unique affiliate link and any of the promotion material and copy provided, that you can access from your dashboard. We’ve got visuals, social media post examples, testimonials, newsletter copy, podcasts and video to help you help your community understand the benefits to them in doing the courses.
Every time someone purchases a course using your unique affiliate link, you receive 30% commission from the sale price. You get paid the first Tuesday of every month and all you need is a Paypal account for that to happen.
Got any questions? Email [email protected] any time. All affiliate enquiries and trouble shoots are responded to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We look forward to creating ripples of change together and again, thanks so much for choosing to share these powerful courses!