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So… The Heart Foundation Tick. One of the first things I looked at when ‘detoxing my food’ for the first time about 10 years ago now, was my mayonnaise in the fridge. My low fat mayonnaise to be precise. Oh. My. God. What is IN that stuff?

Mayonnaise is made from eggs, olive oil, a little vinegar / lemon juice and some salt. That’s what’s in mayo. If you want to see what’s in stuff that sits on a supermarket shelf, then look no further than this fabulously dry, digging post by ‘real food activist interwebs colleague’ David Guillespie:

“You Know the World has gone mad when coke has less sugar than mayo”

Crazy stuff, Right? What I find craziest of all, is that this sort of product, and many more like it, are ‘backed’ with a ‘tick’ of approval from the Heart Foundation. This is the body in Australia responsible for creating awareness around best practice for avoiding heart attacks. Now, I don’t doubt for a second that we need such a body, with the heart disease statistics today AND I also don’t doubt for a second, that the current model and stand point is seriously questionable and something needs to change.

I’m no heart researcher by trade, so I can’t tell you exactly what prevents heart disease but I can tell you there were way less heart attacks back in the days when

  • Life was slower paced and work place ‘output’ wasn’t judged by being able to back 18 hour days 5 or 6 days per week.
  • Eating consisted of foods that our bodies were 100% biologically able to recognise and utilise as food
  • Sugar was a celebratory feast food, and feasts didn’t happen multiple times per day – it was more of a ‘few times a year’ scenario
  • People in ‘practice’ promoting health, weren’t backed by multinational companies like Unilever, Nestle, Campbells and Arnotts (which funnily enough, they’ve switched the order of appearance of the processed food companies to be at the bottom of the page, which until recently they were at the top of the page. Clutching at straws a little, methinks!)

Two ingredients that aren’t scrutinised by the Heart Foundation with utmost seriousness, that should be?

  • Vegetable Oils – In fact, these are actually promoted. They are highly processed creations that cause inflammation in our body (source. Dr Mary Enig “Know your Fats” and if you love a good, juicy look at history, this article is awesome on the late 19th Century introduction of vegetable oils in the USA)
  • Sugar – Inflammatory ingredient that is present in virtually every meal today in various forms of processing, including genetically modified sugar beets with pervades the soft drink and fast food industries. (Source. Dr Robert Lustig).

So, what do we do about these crazy products that have a heart foundation tick, that often have either fake weirdness and additives in them, or the two afor mentioned inflammatory ingredients in them?

We can Boycott it and we can vocalise our support for change. We can sign the petition here by Jessie Reimers, to dissolve this crazy set of rules that simply have NOT solved the ever growing heart disease problem. She has appealed to them to stop backing things like margarine for one, something I fully support, from a pure logic stand point. The human body surely isn’t designed to eat something so denatured and processed. I actually find things like this so simple and common sense to stay away from as soon as you know what’s in them, do you?! As you know from my book, this is how I kicked processed ‘treats’.




This is people power saying “It sure makes no sense that fake packets of weirdness be recommended to avoid heart disease.”

I for one think they should be putting ticks on fresh produce and be a task force for REAL FOOD and relaxation techniques. There, that’s an interesting heart disease prevention strategy.

What do you think? Do you fancy sharing to spread the word and get more signatures?

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  1. About time someone stood up fro what is right, it is common knowledge that companies can actually purchase the tick of approval how crazy is that.

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  2. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed!
    Extremely helpful information specifically the last part :
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    Thank you and best of luck.

  3. I love your work Alex…The light has only recently been switched on for me. …but really it’s just common sense when you actually think about it! Keep up your good work!

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