Bye Bye Nasties - Sugar, MSG and Sulphites Swaps - Your guide to ditching the big three for the biggest impact on your child’s health

Yay! So glad you’ve decided to give this a go and see if you can make real and lasting changes to your child’s health. In a little minute you’ll receive your login details from us, and from there you can access the portal. You’ll also be able to ask questions in the comment section of the course if there is anything you’re unclear about. And if you took me up on that extra bundle offer, those details will be in your inbox too!

As a little refresher, here’s what you’ll have access to:

  • A video masterclass with me talking you through the issues with The Big 3 and how to make a successful switch.
  • An explanation on the issues with these ingredients - with peer-reviewed scientific data.
  • Key pointers and tips on what numbers and ingredients to avoid on packaged foods.
  • Simple swaps and tips to reduce these ingredients.
  • A low-sugar, msg and sulphite free recipe collection.
  • A handy printable guite to give to your child's school or pre-school.

Hope you find this masterclass super helpful.