Chocolate Pudding with gooey bits

Chocolate pudding with gooey bits is exactly how it sounds. I’m here in Mauritius with lots of family, who on my mother’s side came to this little Island from Alsace France, five generations ago. Missing for the first time is my beautiful grandmère. It’s not quite the same, but truth be told it hadn’t been quite the same the past couple of times since she had dementia the past couple of visits we made here. If I had to name my top three memories of my incredible grandmère, it would be the way she smelt – nothing flash, just a basic 4711 cologne – the way she told stories about the olden days in Mauritius and the way she delighted people with her cooking – especially her sweets. There is of course absolutely no way I’m going to let the flag stop flying on the cooking front and I’ve enjoyed cooking here this time more than ever before. Lump in throat at times as I beat a whisk or stir a bowl, remembering the thousands of times I did this with her as a little girl, I am absolutely making the most of my auntie’s excellent kitchen renovation.

This is a pudding I came up with on Christmas eve and the family enjoyed it so much I made it again on New Year’s Eve. You make the pudding batter and a sauce that gets baked with it, so that when it’s done, there are some gooey bits because the sauce thickens and caramelises, but doesn’t go solid. Make a space in your calendar or preferably in the next few hours to make this. Please.

Easily dairy free, definitely gluten free and can be tapioca free or fructose free if you prefer, adapt to your needs and away you go! I am sorry to say however that it cannot be chocolate free. My condolences. Enjoy!

gooey chocolate pudding

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Real Treats. Happy Bodies.

Chocolate Pudding with Gooey Bits Recipe

Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes
Servings: 8 people


  • Preheat oven on 180C / 350F
  • If you have a thermomix pay attention to the seconds / speeds here, if not, I actually created this using a basic blender. You could even hand whisk and mix everything. Super forgiving pudding!
  • Put your 3 ingredients for the gooey sauce together in a pan and heat until the butter is melted and cacao and syrup are all incorporated well. (For a thermomix: speed 3, 2 minutes, 100C. )
  • Pour that into the bottom of your pudding dish. If using thermomix, no need to clean bowl.
  • In your blender or TM, mix eggs quickly for 5 seconds, speed 6. Add everything else in the pudding list and mix speed 5, 6 seconds.
  • Then pour your pudding on top of the sauce. Don’t panic, the gooey sauce will come up around your pudding batter. That’s totally normal and even perhaps awesome. You’ll see!
  • Bake for 30 minutes (or if you're like us and want it super gooey, check at 20 minutes and 25 in case you have a strong oven or you’re using a fan forced setting, as it may take less time. We usually take it out at 25 minUtes with a fan forced oven)
  • What you’re looking for is a little spring back when you press the edges of the pudding. Skewer test in middle should still have a little pudding come up on the skewer.
  • Worst case scenario is you get a more caky result if you take it a few minutes too far. You’ll still get a bit of gooeyness from the sauce around the edges and underneath anmdwith ice-cream or custard, you're not going to see people complaining, right?
  • Pull out of the oven and serve with whipped coconut cream, ice cream or custard. They all provide a delicious contrast to this intensely chocolatey pudding that I hope you'll love as much as we have over the festive season. It's set to become a classic in my family and I hope in yours too!






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  1. Mmmm, Alexx, your ancestors came from the same part of France as mine did! Just picked up a link via a fb post to your recipes so this is my first visit to your site. Looks great! Trish (my ancestors came from Alsace Lorraine, a Count du Thisaic or was it du Tisaic, I think the latter but would need to go check my files! Coming from that part of the world we should love apple puddings etc

    Have a great day and thanks for the recipes.

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      Trish! How did I not see this earlier? Beautiful part of the world. My family name (the Alsace one) is Halbwachs. Just so happens I ADORE all apple desserts. You’re very welcome. Great to have you here, Alexx

      1. My mom’s mother was from Alsace, and brought all of the cooking traditions with her and used them her whole marriage in the States when she moved here in the ’30s. I went back to visit her sisters (six of them) and their offspring in Alsace as a young adult a few times, and was startled at how purely Alsatian my grandma’s cooking was, and my own mom’s was. I cook the same way by and large– so from-scratch, so delicious. I cannot wait to make this recipe. Thanks so much!

        (FWIW, my grandma’s maiden name was Urban 🙂 )

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  2. This is amazing! I halved the recipe and cooked the pudding in individual ramekins. Even my junk food loving partner approves and he is my toughest critic. Thanks so much!!!

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  3. Thanks for a great recipe! Made this on weekend changed a bit based on what I had- date syrup & butter. So YUM! Cant wait to try more of your recipes!

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      So glad you enjoyed it Fiona – There’s a fair bit to work on through the A-Z to keep you busy 😉 The apple cinnamon muffins and the Spiced Fig and ginger bread are two other faves here x

  4. Love this recipe!! I was wondering if you can make this ahead of time and store it in the fridge and then cook it?

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      Hey Anastasia – unfortunately the coconut flour will continue to soak up moisture so it’s not the best idea to keep batters of cakes/puddings with coconut flour raw and cook later. So glad you love it though! x

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