Crunchy Asian Cabbage Salad and a flavour popping dressing

This salad fills the crunch void. That packet of chips type texture that I love. For some reason, I find this salad very addictive. You may of course disagree, but there’s just something about it’s flavour and wellbeing vibes, that I can’t get enough of. The dressing is a fabulous replacement for asian dipping sauces and peking duck pancake sauce, so that you avoid the hidden msg and sugar when eating Asian foods, from the pre packaged dipping sauces. enjoy!

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Crunchy Asian Cabbage Salad Recipe

Servings: 3 as a side – double for a buffet situation


Extra tummy fillers optional:

  • 2 tbsp mixed seeds, or some thinly sliced chicken breast, pork belly or tempeh

Dressing (gluten free + fructose free)


  • Combine your dressing. Pop everything in the bowl for your salad, then mix the two well and serve.


This is a fab pork dish accompaniment and you can add a grated apple for a little extra sweetness.
Make 2 or 3 times the dressing and use again later in the week for chicken glaze for drumsticks or roast chook.
Decrease your cabbage quantity and mix in some grated carrot for variation. Also delicious!

Cabbage salad high res

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      The toasted coconut totally takes it to delicious town, Sonia! Use the recipe as a base and for sure, ad some wombok in the mix – it’d be delicious! As long as the total salad to dressing ratio isn’t changed, it’s going to be fab 🙂

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