Day 22: Detoxing from chemicals


Detox day - Hooray!

You should have a little cup of tea this morning and celebrate an incredible job so far as we move into week 4 - staying positive while we lift the lid on all the weirdness is pretty darn clever. All the changes and steps towards a more low tox way of being have been inspirational to see unfold. I am so not buttering anyone up in saying that I am blown away. A super proactive, positive, get on with it and live our best lives bunch of people and that energy is bouncing all around the group every day, so hats off to you all, I mean it. In simplest terms this is all we're doing...


Here's what we'll cover:

The Conscious Detox Process

Now onto today's topic. Detoxifying. When you remove the poison and reintroduce it, it can often be really confronting to see how affected you are by it - your body might have been coping with it, but once relieved from it and then it comes back, your body finally recognises the toxic nature of it. It has been 3 weeks since we began, and you will probably be noticing this with artificial fragrances by now or runny eyes applying an old kohl pencil... or itchiness with traditional fabric softened clothes.

What you've been doing bit by bit, is detoxing without even doing a thing, other than ceasing to use certain things in your day to day. To really start to rid the body of some of the 'stickier' chemicals which reside inside us as a result of having used all these things over the years, then you can choose to embark upon what I call a Conscious Detox Process. It's not what you think. You won't be starving yourself or having to do a juice fast for 5 days, or anything of the sort.

Detoxing is not something to take lightly or 'faddishly'. It's serious and we need to be in the right frame of mind.

The key is to be gentle to yourself and support your detoxification with lots of low tox mind time as well - did you skip the modules on Sundays because it 'wasn't as important'? Go BACK. Those Sundays are designed to empower you to enjoy and settle into this process in a relaxed fashion. Only when you are mentally positive and relaxed, will you truly start to feel the benefits of detoxification of any kind. It makes sense, really. If you're stressed, your body draws energy away from your digestive, detox pathways and immune systems, to use all your energy up on 'saving your life'. Problem is, that running late for a meeting and running away from a lion give our bodies the same response so by modern standards, our bodies think we're running away from lions all the time, and don't give much energy to our body's regeneration process - detoxification being a large part of that regeneration. 

We want to be calm so that the body can work as efficiently as possible in the 'whole' sense, to allow for maximum chance of detoxification. So, hit those meditations and get ready to detox the right way.

So, firstly, the #1 way to detox?

To stop applying and ingesting chemicals in the first place.

See? You're already blitzing the #1 way to detox, simply by stopping using all the stuff you used to have.

Interview with naturopath Shalani McCray

Enjoy today's expert interview with naturopath and GAPS practitioner Shalani McCray from Live Alive. It's probably my favourite in the course. She's awesome and she's joining us in the group today to answer any questions you might have further.

Or the sound file here - go for a walk and enjoy!

Transcript for Alexx's interview with Shalani McCray

What can you do to support detox efforts?

Stop eating foods known to be harder to digest for a short period of time, such as a month.

The Whole 30 provides excellent inspiration for such a 'cleanse' and has participants leaving out sugar, chocolate, gluten, grains and dairy for 30 days, focusing on bountiful fresh produce and simple meals. It's a great break for the system while providing loads of delicious options for nourishment and satisfaction. It's not a 'go hungry' detox that will fiddle with your metabolism as so many of them do! 

Eat organic.

The break from the pesticides will have your body working much more efficiently, as it's not wasting time trying to figure out what 'those things' are. As we know, some pesticide constituents are endocrine disruptive. It's no mystery why we are having all these issues that our grandparents and even parents say didn't happen in their day - Half the stuff going ON and IN us didn't go ON or IN them in their day. Their bodies got to function as they were designed to - no weird foreign objects to try and decipher as we're doing by the 1000s today.

Eat garlic and turmeric.

They are natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory spices. Enjoy through your meals AND chop your garlic and leave it there chopped for a few minutes before adding to the food - its antioxidant level goes UP preparing it this way.

ADD vegetables.

I always suggest that the best possible diet change for anyone and everyone trying to demystify healthy eating, is to double the veggies. It's so simple, yet such a massive increase in micronutrients, promoting health at the cellular level.

Work with a practitioner.

A practitioner such as a nutritionist or a naturopath will lead you with your specific case in mind, to ensure you're detoxing safely, with the relevant herbs you require in your case and to help monitor you as you detox and be of support if direction needs changing or to celebrate the wins!

And, while you're at it, talk to your practitioner about supplements. If your liver is stressed or congested, you would do well to work specifically on liver detoxification, because if your liver is 'stuck' so are your toxins!

Take baths with epsom salts, lectric soda, MSM, clay or magnesium oil - or a combination of some or all.

Just 15-20 minutes will ensure some of these powerful detoxifiers seep into your skin OR draw toxins OUT of your skin.  Some words from Shalani McCray "Epsom salts contain magnesium as well. When you have an Epsom salt bath set aside around 40mins. In the first 20 mins is when the detoxing happens and in the last 20mins is when you absorb magnesium. Alternatively, you could do the 20min Epsom just for detox and then on another night do the Magnesium Chloride for Magnesium absorption. With detox baths you want to start with a small amount and build up. So with epsom salts I would usually recommend starting with half a cup and then building up.  You may get really hot and light headed which is part of the detox so be careful when getting out of the bath. I like to go from the bath to the shower briefly. Also, the detox baths are fantastic for children. We use them A LOT with great success for children on the autism spectrum and they are really good when children have eaten crap like after a birthday party. The baths can be Epsom, MgCl, seaweed, bicarb, salt.... All have their benefits."  Have you checked out BLANTS yet for bulk buying of Mag Chloride and Epsom? Much more economical.

Invest in testing to check how your kidney and liver are functioning.

These tests you can do covered by medicare with your GP, or there are more extensive tests you can do with a naturopath such as the CYP450 test which looks at the detox enzymes in your liver.

Consider an age old yet giggled about solution - enemas!

I'll let Shalani explain in her video (see above!). An option for your kit is this silicon one from Kultured Wellness.

Eat foods that chelate

By chelate, I mean foods that bind to heavy metals and other toxins and draw them out of the body. There is a lot of literature on cilantro / coriander to support its extreme natural efficacy on detoxing the body from heavy metals.

  • A simple green smoothie to make is 1 cup water, 0.5 cup coconut water or chilled herbal tea, 1/2 bunch coriander, 1/2 cucumber, 1 lime juiced, whizzed in a good blender for a minute. This is 2 serves for 2 days. Drink and enjoy SLOWLY a few times a week while RELAXING.Other foods are pectins, parsley, onion, garlic and chlorella. Even proteins have been found to assist in keeping the levels of detoxification enzymes in healthy numbers in the liver. So your food is super important in the detox puzzle. I will say though, 'green smoothie' craze is not something I promote when it's packed with spinach and kale. You can read more about that here.Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.36.26 am

Brush your body.

Yes, I said body! Use a dry brush before the shower to stimulate the lymphatic system and move toxins along and out.


Get a deep tissue massage.

This is super effective because you are getting into a relaxed state AND then stimulating the shift of toxins from tissues... Be sure to drink a good amount of water afterward (a couple of cups) or a herbal tea to support the process.

Use a good lymphatic drainage encouraging body range.

The Birch range from Weleda, that has an internal tonic as well as scrub and oil can assist not just with the cosmetic cellulite 'look' but the drainage of the lymph.
Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.17.47 pm

Eat a simple raw carrot salad in the morning.

Seasoned with apple cider vinegar, lemon and olive oil. It is extremely cleansing and a great morning detox kick start. 1/2 a cup in serving size is plenty. 


Do yoga that has twists and releases in its style.

So, so good to do 'release' style yoga with lots of twists to flush out organ toxicity. Kate Kendall, who we heard from earlier in the program, has a wonderful online yoga class that speaks to detoxification. So good! 

Experiment with diatomaceous earth.

This is bentonite clay, taken orally, which is a powerful detoxifier.

Oil pulling, preferably coconut oil or cold pressed sesame oil. 

Oil pulling, also known as "kavala" or "gundusha," is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This action supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health. There's an interesting piece here, by a Chicago dentist who provides a really balanced look at oil pulling as well as overall oral health and the baddies we want to keep at bay and cleanse from our mouths. 

Take activated charcoal (also a great tooth whitener).

You can read more here. Once a year I do a 30-day cleanse and up my 'yin yoga' practice during that month, with 1 tsp in water twice a day, followed by a second glass of pure water each time. This is a great chelator and Nourished Life has my favourite brand.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.56.42 pmScreen Shot 2016-05-29 at 5.05.51 pm

Try for types of movement where you sweat at least 5 times a week....

Even if it's for a few minutes - rebounding/trampoline is great for assisting the lymphatic system (most women have very sluggish lymphatic systems).

So voila. Detox ideas aplenty. Do not panic and do not try to do all of these or 'think' you need to do all of these, because you do not. As I said at the start and as you can see from above, there are many ways to detox the body. Pick a couple a month and road test various methods to see what resonates best with you. You also can't put a price on making an appointment with a good naturopath to decide with you on your best detox road to suit you. 

And here's a nifty spreadsheet with international resources 

Enjoy and remember that just by STOPPING the use of all of the things we've discussed thus far, you are already naturally detoxing by default, so if you find having to 'do stuff' to detox daunting, don't worry: Your body's already doing stuff without you having to do a thing, other than of course, work on your breathing and being as relaxed as possible and maybe grate that carrot in the mornings as your 'thing' for now.

Low tox. Happy bodies. happy planet

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Disclaimer: A reminder of what I said in the beginning of the course, with my disclaimer - The information in this course is based on research and expert experience. For your specific case, I ALWAYS recommend investing in seeing a practitioner to discuss your situation. Nothing compares to one on one time with a great practitioner. For Sydney or skype recommendations, just ask me, I'm happy to recommend my favourite and highly experienced practitioners.

A note for pregnant women: Do not undertake any extreme detoxification when pregnant. Regular dry brushing, massage, a carrot salad and my suggested and very gentle chelating herb smoothie is plenty to be doing while pregnant or breast feeding and once again, as always, discuss with your practitioner.



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  1. HI Alexx, a couple of questions about enemas…can you have them whilst pregnant and is there a place that would do them for child as Im not confident in doing my sons myself?


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  4. I agree with not eating the raw kale “trend”. It is considered a goitregenic which can affect the thyroid. My thyroid is what put me on the low tox path several years ago. It would have been good for my condition then but I still avoid it along with other goitregenic foods. Plus I hate the taste so win win.

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