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Inflammation Ninja is an on-demand eCourse which means you can start today if you feel it's a good fit for you! Many people are aware of the huge impact toxins, food, and environmental factors can have on their health - and some aren't. Maybe that's you. Wherever you're at in your awareness of the major contributors to inflammation, by addressing some of these factors in a holistic way through this e-course, you’ll be on the path to feeling better. You'll be better versed to have practitioner discussions, you'll feel more confident assembling a practitioner team if needed and you'll have very specific tools, tips, and tricks to navigate your health. All from home. All for less than the cost of a practitioner visit. We are passionate about access and empowerment so dive in and get started!

  • Inflammation And The Gut
  • The Food And Inflammation Index
  • An Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan (including vegetarian options)
  • Environmental Toxins And Inflammation - how to identify if they've played a role in your picture.
  • Joint Inflammation
  • Brain Inflammation
  • Trauma And Inflammation
  • Testing For Inflammation
  • Supplements For Inflammation
  • Detoxing Gently
  • Earthing
  • Practitioner Directory
  • Further Resources
  • Partner Offers

Jump in today for just $98AUD - far less than the cost of even just a single practitioner visit - and I can't wait to see how the course helps on your journey, Alexx x


Are you fed up with chronic pains and other inflammatory symptoms that affect your brain, heart, joints or muscles? Have you seen countless practitioners of all kinds to try and move the needle and some things help but really, you know you want to feel better than this! Do you know something is up with your health but just need support on the detective front to find the root causes (that's right, there often isn't just one!)? Have a string of seemingly unconnected health issues with no explanation as to why "it's all happening to you"?

We developed this course with the incredible practitioners who have joined us to help you:

  • Understand and recognize symptoms of inflammation in YOUR body.
  • Understand WHY you’re inflamed in the first place.
  • Understand HOW you’re inflamed and what your symptoms mean.
  • Start to REDUCE your chronic inflammation and live a healthier, happier and more energetic life.

Yep, this course has been made to suit anyone who is suffering from inflammation in some way. We’re not formulating ideas from an old textbook, instead we’ve got the most up-to-date science and the best integrative experts taking part to give you the information you need to get you en route to a better place!



How many of these potential symptoms resonate?

  • Brain fog and an inability to make sense of thoughts
  • Concentration issues
  • Poor word recall sometimes "Can you pass me the, errrr, that thing, the SALT!)
  • Forgetfulness
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Insomnia or broken/restless sleep
  • Food intolerance and digestive upset like diarrhoea, constipation or excess gas
  • Cardiac issues, like palpitations, ectopic beats and a racing heart
  • Allergies (food, dust, chemicals etc)
  • Respiratory conditions (asthma, infection, sinus congestion)
  • Histamine reactions such as hives or welts, dizziness, brain fog, racing heart - especially after meals or exposure to pollen, dust or mold
  • Kidney and / or liver pain
  • Mood changes
  • Declining physical/ exercise ability due to arthritis or other mobility issues
  • Fluid retention
  • Depression and or anxiety
  • Abnormally high or low blood pressure
  • Blood and mucus in your stools or urine
  • Unexplained weight gain or an inability to lose weight
  • Inability to put on muscle / feeling weak
  • Strange pain - skin pain or shooting pain
  • Wired feeling - like you're plugged into a wall and can't feel chilled. Always on 'alert' and wired.
  • Excessive peeing
  • Tearing eyes or nose bleeds


Different symptoms point to different root cause potentials. If you’re experiencing one, any or most of these symptoms and you haven’t been able to get them under control then there is a high chance that your body is inflamed. Good news is, this course is exactly where you need to be to learn how to ‘cool’ the inflammation in your body and get back to good health!


Inflammation Ninja takes a holistic approach to upping your health and identifying the triggers of inflammation in the body so you can start to see results and feel better - we've had amazing stories, such as the gorgeous woman who's been able to start riding a horse again after 17 years of it being too painful. Amazing!

Inflammation and the Gut The gut is heralded as the second brain, so it’s no surprise that when digestive conditions, dysbiosis, intestinal permeability and unbalanced gut microbiome can have a huge flow-on effect for the rest of the body. In this topic we explore where things may be going wrong for you and how to make immediate and positive changes.
The Food and Inflammation Index It wouldn’t be a complete course unless we addressed the huge role food plays in inflammation. In this topic we look at the foods that are causing chaos in the body and those that are best for bringing back some equilibrium, treating disease and illness and nourishing you to good health. To top it off, we’ve created a naturopath approved anti-inflammatory meal plan with recipes for S.O.S inflammation cases and recipes for people who just want to get things back on an even keel.
Environmental toxins and inflammation We tackle the major environmental factors that wreak havoc on the body. We talk all things mould, phthalates, pesticides and herbicides + how to identify areas in your life where these are causing problems for you. PLUS we look at holistic ways to support illness that has been caused by these environmental factors.
Trauma and Inflammation While inflammation is largely physical, it goes without saying that what is happening emotionally and mentally can manifest in physical symptoms. In this topic we discuss how and why managing your stress, emotions and previous trauma can help to relieve inflammation in the body (in conjunction with various other interventions).
Testing for Inflammation Sometimes you don’t even know where to start, right? When it comes to clinical testing it can all feel like it’s all in a foreign language. Fortunately we’ve done the nitty gritty work for you. This section outlines the crucial tests required to help you decipher your inflammation symptoms - where they may be coming from, what the causes may be and just how severe they are - and the best bit is you’ll finally have some solid evidence to back your claims so that you can move forward with a treatment that suits you (guided by your health professional, of course).
Supplements for Inflammation This ones a juicy topic and super helpful if you’re unsure why to take certain supplements and what the importance of them actually is. We break down the best supplements (practitioner approved) to support the reduction of inflammation, improve immune health and increase energy.
Detoxing Gently When it comes to being inflamed it’s super important to detox at a pace that suits you. For many people, detoxing can be full on and if not done correctly, cause more harm than good. This topic explains how to detox in a safe manner and why it’s important to detox in the first place. Best bit? We’ll have you feeling so much better with just a few simple techniques.



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The course portal includes 8 major topics (listed above), with course reading, tips, how-to’s, recipes, videos with experts and further resources. Each topic is about 20-25 minute read and most of the interviews are about 30-50 minutes long (which you can also listen to via Soundcloud or download a transcript to read through).


You’ll receive regular emails from us every couple of days to keep you on track with your learning and prompt you to log in. As all course content is available to you as soon as you join, you can power through the info in one night, or choose to pace yourself with our emails.


We give you a 1-week Inflammation Ninja Meal Plan and recipe book, filled with delicious recipes to try including both omnivore and vegetarian options.


Offer to join the Low Tox Club for just $20 for your first year. It's a private, safe space where you can connect with others who are getting their Inflammation Ninja on.


You get lifetime access to Inflammation Ninja, so there’s no rush to ‘get everything completed’, and you can pop back online to review at any time. Pick and mix from a range of ongoing tools, exercises and recipes which are there to support you as you uncover various topics throughout the course. In your time, your way.



Nicole Bijlsma

Building Biologist + Naturopath + Phd candidate talks Alexx through the mould / inflammation picture


Dr Stephen Sinatra

Cardiologist specialised in Integrative Medicine on what 40 years of practice have taught him about inflammation


Kate Johnston

Naturopath + Nutritionist on food and inflammation and becoming our own best detectives


Dr Terry Wahls

Clinical Professor of Medicine on Inflammatory cascades and 'quietening' chronic inflammation


Dr Elen ApThomas

Integrative Doctor
On all things inflammation including the inflammation cascade


Dr Min Yeo

Integrative General practitioner
"There is no one root cause"


  • Lifetime access to the course - no rush to ‘get everything completed’
  • 5 detailed topics to read through
  • Offer to join the Low Tox Club for just $20 for your first year
  • 6 videos, including 5 interviews with experts and 1 meditation
  • A 1-week Inflammation Ninja Meal Plan and recipe book

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