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I thought I’d start sharing a few interesting reads on things real food, low tox or general inspiration, in case you don’t get a chance to head here to facebook often, where I post quite a few of these on my community page there.

A sensational, poignant and powerful post to get you off your back side and into the ACTION and DREAMS you are after

A great article about protecting our kids from the illness landscape of today, by the incredible Robyn O’Brien, who gave a poignant Ted Talk on children’s allergies in 2011. If you have time for the ted talk it’s worth it, or if you know friends with kids with allergies, please share – they’ll be so comforted by her!

One to share with your pregnant friends about the risk of Flu vaccines and pregnancy.

And lastly, FoodMatters.TV is celebrating the book release of ‘Hungry for Change’ by screening the movie FREE until Saturday midnight. If you are interested in the science of food and how modern ‘food’ is addictive, or you’re just curious to see what our food choices really are doing to us, take an hour, pour a glass of beautiful organic wine, and be both shocked and inspired by this incredible film.

See you next week for more…

Real Food. Low Tox Living. Inspiration.


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