Low Tox Chat Follow Up Notes


Here is my little black book summary from the talk and a few extra bits.

Remember to check out the podcast for origin stories from Dr Bronner, Who Gives a Crap, Ecostore and the rest! Lots of  “great for us, great for the planet” inspo on there.

Safe places to buy non toxic beauty and lifestyle products online

  1. Nourished Life  http://bit.ly/nourishedlifehomepage
  2. BIOME  http://bit.ly/BIOMEHOME
  3. ReSparkle  https://resparkle.com.au/
  4. Weleda http://www.weleda.com.au/  (although much of it is stocked on Nourished Life to avoid double postage factor)
  5. Blants for bulk buying Epsom salt or Bi Carb Soda type ‘bulk’ products  http://www.blants.com.au/

A few other things I use and often recommend if it helps!

  1. Castille Soap – the Dr Bronner’s brand is the one I recommend – Here are Lisa Bronner’s DIY tips that are super useful from washing your pet through to cleaning your car! https://www.lisabronner.com/category/dr-bronners-products/cheat-sheets-and-recipes/
  2. Best performing low tox nail polish http://bit.ly/PacificaNL
  3. Best self tan brand http://bit.ly/ECOTANNourishedLife  (Tan Organic is on that site too and new, and it’s fabulous as well!)
  4. My favourite deodorants – for the hard core days Axilla http://bit.ly/axillanourishedlife and for every day Fresca http://bit.ly/FrescaUnscentedNL
  5. Stainless lunchbox options http://bit.ly/lunchboxesBIOME
  6. Stainless and glass drink bottle options http://bit.ly/BIOMEglassbottles
  7. Water filters – A great range here http://bit.ly/NLwaterfilters – I use the counter top ceramic 12L fluoride free one. Love it. Just try and stay away from plastic parts if you can as the question of plastic is ‘time spent sitting in it’ when it comes to room temp liquid (where as heating / hot is a downright now as we all know.

Articles from my blog that might be of interest

Great DIY beauty websites

Vintage Amanda – She’s fabulous and has loads of tips on various oils / preparations and recipes based on skin types.

Wellness mama –  A huge resource of DIY in there for you!

Rosehip oil – A brilliant base oil for all skin types.

TOP 4 things to look out for on labels for personal care to decide NO and avoid hormone disruptors

  1. Parabens of any kind
  2. Fragrance (without an asterix that says made from essential oils) The phthalates are most often hiding in the ‘fragrance’ to make it last a super long time.
  3. Phenoxyethanol. All 3 of these are endocrine disruptive chemicals – so they fiddle with our normal hormone signalling and production. Time for them to go!
  4. SLS / SLES – SLS is fine in cleaning products (wear gloves) but does NOT belong in personal care / skin contact situations. SLES is never fine, it’s a carcinogen.

I hope this has helped you on your way to better choices for YOUR health and for the planet! Enjoy clearing out all those ‘fake smells’ from your home environment – the air fresheners, scented candles & fabric softeners especially. Remember if you’re wondering where on earth to start? Start with your body lotion. It covers a lot of you and deserves to be the first to prioritise a natural substitute.

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