Low Tox Club

Welcome to the Club!

Hello to the newest Low Tox Club member – You!

Thanks so much for joining me. The Low Tox Club invites you to explore interesting topics, connect with like minds and save on your low tox goodies throughout the year.

To access August’s scoop from last month, you just pop through to the August CLUB SCOOP and give your private password which is – extremely original I know – augustclubscoop all one word lower case. You won’t have access to the deals anymore but the rest? All yours to check out and chat in the facebook group about!

You’ll also shortly receive from me the first September instalment via email!

Come and join us over in the private facebook group HERE for chats and that’s where I’ll do spontaneous giveaways over the year! It may take up to 24 hours to be approved in the group as we cross check against our mailing list once a day.

I have only 4 club rules for etiquette in the facebook group:

  1. No sensationalist, non research supported articles
  2. No vaccination talk. Discuss with your practitioner to navigate this highly sensitive topic that divides good people when I want us to all come together.
  3. No selling. If you’d like to submit a product for a partner offer I love nothing more than supporting small businesses to get your name out there! Please contact Ingrid in our team [email protected] with your idea, brand, website and we’ll be in touch soon.
  4. No nastiness. There’s enough of that in the world. Come with support, not judgement. There will always be people viewing the world in different ways and through different lenses based on culture, family life, country, knowledge base. Let’s be open minded when people ask questions or suggest things differently to the way we might do something.

I can’t wait to have chats with you in there!

Everything in the club is about living our best selves, feeling positive about change, encouragement and cutting out the noise ‘out there’ telling us we have to BE and DO a certain way.

When we get back in touch with our true values and what truly feels great, it’s easy to be go Low Tox.

Welcome to the club!

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