Low Tox Coaching Directory

Hello there!


As a Low Tox Coach who's now completed the Low Tox Method program, I'm so excited to invite you to join me as a listed Low Tox Coach in our directory of people and businesses people can call on to help them achieve their goals. It doesn't matter if you have a market, you're a health practitioner or some other form of business as well as offering coaching. I really want our community to be able to see how many wonderful, talented people they can draw on closer to their neck of the woods so that there are many of us doing this work - not just me travelling around!

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Register for your annual coach listing via this check out.
  2. When your thank you page pops up, fill out the coaching details on the form there, so that we can prepare your listing.
  3. Await your listing upload which will happen within 1 week

We will be promoting the coaching page in our newsletters and I will share this information in all of my workshop follow-ups also, so that people know they can call on you as well!

The goal here is for Low Tox Life to support your business growth as well as you being out there growing it yourself, providing more and more people who are able to run all sorts of workshops and hold coaching sessions without necessarily a brand being attached as the 'only' way to get the information - just good, supportive and empowering information with lots of options for people to take as they learn and grow thereafter.

I will also hold 2 x coaching/business building webinars that you can jump on if you like, throughout the year, one in March and another in September for all listed coaches, and this will be included in your coaching listing fee - these are worth $300 each so already that's a saving of 50% + the listing is kind of free, then, if you go by female logic 😉

I'm excited as I hope are you,

Alexx x