We're really excited to launch this Low Tox Jobs page. Who's it for? Sustainably minded, low tox businesses AND for people who want to use their professional skills, working in businesses that care for people and planet at the heart of what they do.

I didn't expect this as a side effect when launching our education programs such as Go Low Tox and Real Food Rockstars back in 2014, BUT something happen when we get educated, wake up and look around. Often, our students, well, they want to work for someone in line with their values, now that they've done a little digging into them to establish what they are! And so when they think about job changes, it's pretty disheartening sifting through a bazillion job ads on a general job website to find one for a company that excites them.

So, over time I've been asked by brands many times "do you think you know anyone keen to work in our business in marketing?" and by students "Can I come work for you!?" and while I'd love to just hire everyone, I can't but I want those students with incredible passion for safer, sustainable products and a way of life, to have somewhere to GO that they're going to be able to bring their professional skills from their careers thus far and apply them to the businesses we want to grow - ones that put the health of people and the state of our planet FIRST.

To that end, this is now a space where as a brand you can advertise your job and have it seen by people with not only the skills to fit the bill but the VALUES to join your team culture.

And now low tox life community members looking for a job change, can look here first to see if there are any companies that are advertising a spot on their team.

I'm really excited to see where this goes!

How is it going to work? 

As a brand, all you'll have to do is click on one of the tiles to advertise your low tox job and follow the prompts for your 1 month listing. It's only $300 for the month and it will help you find an 100% aligned candidate SO much faster than a generalised jobs website!

As a job seeker, all you have to do to apply for or browse jobs is click on the tiles that have a job on them. Simple!

I can't wait to see great people connected to great businesses so we can all grow strong low tox businesses together, doing work we love, with people who have shared values.

Alexx x