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Hi there, thanks so much for joining me in the online Low Tox Kids class to explore how we can raise low tox kids in a high tox world – how good was that 90 mins of power. This is for the little people in our lives, be it your own children, your grandchildren, or children that you care for as part of your profession. It’s all about the decisions we make around our daily lives, the health of our homes, and the state of our minds. I hope to see a few new faces over on IG @lowtoxlife @_alexxstuart and you can grab my book which does a thorough sweep of all things low tox kids, and much much more via Booktopia.

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A couple of my favourite low tox places to buy non-toxic family and child-related products online, both Aussie companies.

  1. Nourished Life  http://bit.ly/nourishedlifehomepage  (Australia’s largest non toxic online beauty hub)
  2. BIOME  http://bit.ly/BIOMEHOME (especially good for Australian focused brands)
  3. For overseas peeps Love Lula in the UK is fabulous as is Planet Organic, Naturalia and Bio C’bon in France and Wholefoods in the US are all great for your low tox needs if you were tuning in from afar.

We’ve laid out a bunch of ‘safe stores’ over on our shop tab on the Lowtoxlife. com website but below are some suggestions for commonly asked about items you may also be wondering about:

TOYSWhen you do step foot in a kid’s store or you’re doing some online scouting for eco toys it can be quite overwhelming. The main things we really encourage you to focus on are lead-free, phthalate-free, non chemically treated wood and flame retardant free. None of these is great for our little people but rather than freak out and go for ‘perfect/zero tox’ relax into the process of swapping things out as you run out of things over time. You will feel much healthier for it from a mental health perspective, trust me! Good to Play and you guessed it, BIOME, have a number of age groups covered, with sustainability and material-safety focus. For wooden toys that you can trust we recommend Eco Child or Biome and Schleich toy store make great kids toys with a new product that is phthalate-free.

FOOD: For parents with kids who are finding food navigation tricky – I have a Fussy Eating resource that will change your life for just $49 that I created with Brenda Janschek. It really will be a game-changer. And bye-bye nasties additive-reducing course that’s super handy for beginners and parents. For some gorgeous dinner-wear BIOME sells a great divided stainless steel plate to help little kids transition into big kids. I also mentioned, “Wholefood for Children, Jude Blereau”. A wonderful recipe book for 6 months to 7 years including birthdays/celebration foods.

DRINK BOTTLES / LUNCHBOXES: Stainless and glass drink bottle options to ditch single-use plastic bottles  http://bit.ly/BIOMEglassbottles

SOAP / BODY CARE: Make the change – brands I love are Dr Bronner’s, Weleda and Young Living for the ethical/quality/low tox factor. Lots of options to explore also in the recommended shop links.

Ecostore Kids has a wonderful, nasties-free, bubble bath for kids 2 years plus. If you’re looking for a deodorant option for your tween/teen, for the warmer summer days I recommend Fresca which is a super effective yet gentle roll on.

For toothpaste – we’ve tried and love Weleda’s ones. The children’s tooth gel is wonderful, or the lowest tox yet most ‘traditional minty’ tasting if you’ve got a resistant fusspot in the house, is definitely the JASON toothpaste. The bamboo brush option is great – especially for little kiddies or sensitive teeth, as the bristles are quite soft. This is the most environmentally-friendly choice too.

LAUNDRYThese are the highest performing online brands we’ve tried to date.

  • ReSparkle Laundry powder and liquid. Local Melbourne business. Excellent product and very concentrated – You don’t need much at all AND it triples as a soaker and softener.
  • Kin Kin Naturals –  laundry liquids. Another trustworthy local brand made in QLD. Many alumni peeps love this one. 
  • Ecologic– Another straightforward, trustworthy brand.
  • Abode are a great Aussie made company too.

In the UK? Check out  BioD, and Ecover are great options.

In the US? Check out our favourites BioKleen as well as Honest Company, Common Good & Co  and If You Care.

AIR: Air filter/dehumidifier – I have a Philips series 5000 filter/dehumidifier which is great for the bedroom to keep the air clean and humidity under 60% to prevent any mould growth. The Delonghi dehumidifiers are excellent, too and for air filters AusClimate/Inovvair are the two best.

WATER – The Waters Co water filters are my favourite and the little mini waterman is a great budget option.

Articles from my blog that might be of interest for further reading on all things low tox:


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And many more kid-focused interviews in Low Tox Kids. 

So many more shows and we have a by-topic directory you can find here – PODCAST INDEX

I hope this has helped you on your way to better choices for your little people and for the planet! I loved spending a little time with you today inching forward in a great direction.

See you on the socials,

Low Tox. Healthy People. Happy Planet.

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