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Low Tox Kids is your roadmap to raising your kids low tox!

How is it different to our Thrive and Go Low Tox eCourses? Low Tox Kids is a deep-dive into lowering the toxic load of kids, looking at current impact potentials in our modern environment and developing a rock solid understanding of how to raise healthy, low tox kids without deprivation or making them feel like they’re in an alternate hippy universe from their friends.

The “day” that low tox kids topic comes up in our flagship course Go Low Tox, is always such a popular day given how many parents take the course. BUT many people aren’t parents who do the course, or don’t have little kids anymore, so I wanted to create something where we drill down much further, do a stack of research and provide a bucket of resources for you – parents of under 10s – to help raise your kid low tox from the get go.

You will love the beautiful practitioner interviews, packed with wisdom, the comprehensive category-filtered shopping list and all the resources we’ve pulled together in this course, and my hope is for you to feel, once you’ve worked through all the topics and had great chats with fellow students in the group, that you are empowered with the “why” we want to raise kids in a low tox environment, and that you have the tools to do that.

If you decide to do the Go Low Tox course later on to go through everything about the low tox life across home, body and mind, then you’ll also receive an exclusive Low Tox Kids alumni discount notification when that course launches live, for 20% off.



  • Are you pregnant and wanting to start your bub's life low tox?
  • Have you been making simpler swaps for a while now but lack confidence when it comes to making the best choices for your kids?
  • Do you have kids under 10 and wonder what's best for them when it comes to personal care, clothes, toys and kid supplies?
  • Wonder how on earth you explain to your partner/mother-in-law/kid's teacher why you're making the choices you want to make for your child, helping them get on board with your mission?
  • Want to hear from trusted practitioners, who are backed by science and latest research, on how to reduce toxic load in our kids today?
  • Want to learn Doctor-approved simple home remedies to minimise medication dependence, saving it for when it's really needed?
  • Want to get a shopping list with everything in the one spot, to make your low tox kids swaps?
  • Want to network with like-minded parents while you learn and have a beautiful low tox sounding board?

The information, interviews and tips in Low Tox Kids will be of enormous help to you if found yourself nodding to any of the above.


When I was pregnant I was already going green-"ish", but it wasn’t until my baby shower day that I really kicked my questioning up a notch when it comes to what we put on our skin. I’d received all the usual big name brands for the baby shower and for the first time, instead of just buying products that felt like they had greener messaging (thus not necessarily ACTUALLY green choices!), I delved into the ingredients to decide whether I wanted to use that product. I was horrified that so many of the ingredients in the baby products were coming up with evidence of being endocrine disruptive, made from petroleum (which I understand is useful as a barrier in critical medical care, but as an everyday product on my baby’s skin? No thanks!) and that many contained preservatives with evidence of skin irritation – hello in the world of today where so many babies have skin issues.

It made no sense, so I kitted my son out with the good stuff I was finding from the get go, and aside from the odd bath at a friend’s house in something mainstream (which doesn’t phase me at all – it’s our day to day that matters not the ‘odd time’) he’s been low tox always. It feels like such a gift to have raised him this way, and I’ve always wanted the main purpose of this business – Low Tox Life – to make it easiest for you to achieve your goals and have the journey be an empowering one.

Here’s to raising our kids more simply when it comes to products, tech exposure, health support and their home environment, giving them a great start in life. It’s never too late to start and they’ll thank you for the rest of their lives once they’re adults and know the real differences.


Low Tox Kids is a road map to raising your kids low tox!

Low Tox Babies A specific section that makes sure your bub has the best start in
their low tox life, including the best baby essentials, food prep
and safety, as well as where to find the safest (and cutest!) clothes
for newborns and toddlers.
Low Tox Kids: At Home A huge topic, covering everything from bath to toys to craft to
face-painting parties to furniture choices, meal time and more.
Low Tox Kids: Out and About Your ultimate guide to ensuring your kids are set for low tox success
outside of the home, whether it's at school or Grandma's house.
We over off everything from raincoats to sunscreens, lunchboxes
and sippy cups to shoes.
Low Tox Kids: Chilled Out How to chill your kids out – low tox style!
We share our top meditation and mindfulness apps for kids, how to
reduce EMF exposure, breathwork clips for kids and other old fashion
and lovely ways to get your kids meditating and into a zen-like state.
Low Tox Home Remedies Simple things you can do to ensure minor ailments, cuts and scrapes
don't leave you needing pharmaceuticals when they aren't
required (and of course, knowing when they are and a trip to the
doctor or emergency department is warranted!).
Dealing with Low Tox Resistance Educating your kids to grow up empowered, not ostracised.
How to share the message and get the whole family on board.
Low Tox Kids Shopping List
& Resources
A bumper A-Z shopping list, with links to all of our favourite low tox kid's items.



When you sign up, you’ll create a login, receive a welcome email and be able to jump straight into the course portal to begin learning.


The course portail includes 6 topics and a shopping and resource guide (listed above), with course reading, tips, how-to’s, recipes, videos with experts and further resources. Each topic is about a 20-25 minute read and most of the interviews are about 30-minutes long (which you can also listen to via Soundcloud or download a transcript to read through, if that’s more your thing!).


You’ll receive regular emails from us every couple of days to keep you on track with your learning and prompt you to log in. As all course content is available to you as soon as you join, you can power through the info in one night, or choose to pace yourself with our emails.


Your course membership also gives you access to a free year in the Low Tox Club Private chat group worth $49, where you can connect with others who are raising the next generation of low tox legends


You get lifetime access to Low Tox Kids, so there’s no rush to ‘get everything completed’, and you can pop back online to review at any time. Pick and mix from a range of ongoing tools and exercises, which are there to support you as you uncover various topics throughout the course. In your time, your way.


  • Lifetime access to the course - no rush to ‘get everything completed’
  • Access to a free year in the Low Tox Club Private chat group worth $49
  • 6 detailed topics to read through
  • 7 video interviews with experts
  • A low tox shopping and resources list

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Nicole Bijlsma

Building Biologist + Naturopath

Raising low tox kids in a high-tech world on lowering impact without banning tech.


Naomi Judge


Healthy hormones in kids in the face of today's exposures. Hormones don't 'start' at puberty.


Kate Johnston

Naturopath + Nutritionist

Kids, stress and nutrition – Bonus interview on low tox nutrition and stress when it comes to our kids.


Shalani McCray

Holistic Practitioner

Kids and stress – how to slow down and relax our kids today, and why it's crucial to make it a priority.




Eczema: the how, the why and the solutions.


Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Holistic Dentist, Personal Trainer + Health Coach

Kids and oral health – identify whether your child's mouth holds the key to better sleep, breathing, concentration and energy.

(Interview coming mid-2018)



Integrative Paediatrician

Doctor-approved simple home remedies to minimise medication dependence, saving it for when it's really needed.

(Interview coming mid-2018)


Beth Greer

Holistic Health Educator

Environmental toxins, mould, EMF's and more.


  • Lifetime access to the course - no rush to ‘get everything completed’
  • Access to a free year in the Low Tox Club Private chat group worth $49
  • 6 detailed topics to read through
  • 7 video interviews with experts
  • A low tox shopping and resources list

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How much is the course?

The course is $98 AUD (and you'll receive a 20% discount to do Go Low Tox down the track if you ever want to expand your knowledge across the entire low tox spectrum beyond kids).

How long do I have access for?

You get lifetime access to Low Tox Kids, which means you can log in at any time and learn at your own pace, whenever you fancy and for however long you like. This also means if we add to the course – you benefit! We'll always pop in the student group any additions we make to the course.

What’s included?

6 detailed topics on low tox living for kids, a low tox shopping and resources list, video interviews with 7 experts on raising low tox kids, regular emails, and access to a free year in the Low Tox Club Private chat group worth $49 so that you can support each other.

Who should join?

This course is for anyone with kids in their life, whether they are your children, or your grandkids. Our little ones are our future, so it's so exciting to be able to give them the best start possible, and empower them for a low tox life ahead.

I’m a parent-to-be… is this course for me?

Absolutely! We have a full topic on all things baby, plus you get lifetime access to the course, so plenty of things to think about and unfold as your little one grows.

I’m really busy – will I have time to do the course?

The course has 6 topics, each of which takes about 25-30 minutes to read, plus there are 7 video interviews to watch (all around 30-minutes of goodness each). So, all in all, it’s not a huge time commitment for you. Plus, you get lifetime access to the course, so there’s no rush! You can take things at your own pace, implement little learnings at a time and come back to re-read things if you need to.

How are the experts involved?

Our wonderful panel of experts have all recorded 30-minute video interviews with Alexx, based around the key topics of the Low Tox Kids course. We’ve also included a link to a Soundcloud audio file for these so you can choose to listen as you walk or drive to work. Alternatively, you can download the interview transcript and read through the chat that way.

I've already done Thrive, should I do this course too?

Low Tox Kids is such a great complement to Thrive. It's more of a holistic approach and covers all the other bits of low tox living outside of food, from wifi to swimming lessons to clothes.

I'm a Low Tox Alumni, should I do this course too?

While there was some info on kid's things in Go Low Tox on the 'low tox kids' day, we didn't get too deep into it. You'll remember it was very much an overview. The main reason being that not everyone who does Go Low Tox is a parent, so we tend to keep it brief there. We've done much more research and bundled it up into its own juicy course, with the addition of child-focused interviews. If you have kids under 10, Low Tox Kids will be right up your alley!

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