Low Tox Loving – April

April seems to be the month where I’ve gone: Right – let’s get this year GOING! The bookings for speaking events are starting to fill up (Sunshine coast – I’m there on the 26th April, Tassie late May in both Launceston and Hobart, and then Newcastle in September – Dates and registration links are here. I’m madly recording video tutorials for 3 short courses on additives, gluten and dairy that will be available next week, our Low Tox Method coaching program is going to go live in a couple of months (register your interest here if you want to hear more)

Yes, all of a sudden after a few quiet planning and ‘head down bum up’ months, it’s all on! Anyone else feeling that way?

And as always, a few things have hit the desk, or piqued my interest on the news front, and so another month’s Low Tox Loving list is born – I hope you enjoy the little collection (that mask is SO delicious I have to say. I received it as a gift, full disclosure, and I’m not overly mask-oriented. They’re nice when I remember, but this one? Already dreaming of my next one. In fact, given I work from a home office, I can’t think of a single reason not to momentarily pause this writing and go pop one on right now!

Enjoy the other items and articles too!

1. Vestige Verdant Organic Peat Mask

A mask has to be very very noticeably good for me to be bothered repeating it. This is one of those… By implementing next generation technology and the highest quality unique organic ingredients, Vestige Verdant is able to deliver products that prolong your youthful looks on a cellular level. Because “they believe your body is a temple that should not be painted with lead”. Their products are created using the highest grade ingredients on the planet. Free from harmful chemicals and unsafe ingredients. Each of their certified organic ingredients is carefully processed, thus ensuring all of the natural health and beauty benefits delivered to your visage are amplified not diluted. The farmers they use follow fair trade and ethical production principles. Their production is strictly cruelty-free and we do not test on animals.

Born after more than a decade of research, the ORGANIC PEAT MASK from Vestige Verdant will keep your skin fresh and glowing daily. My husband wanted me to pair it with a peated whisky. I declined. Hehe.

It is designed to heal allergic and overly sensitive skin, boost blood circulation, decrease greasiness and acne and restore the natural pH level of healthy skin. Made from extremely rare organic peat untouched for thousands of years and filled with reinvigorating bioactive ingredients with the highest organic detox abilities known to modern day science.

Vestige Verdant is generously offering 20% discount until 30th April on all Organic Peat Masks. Click HERE to redeem your offer and use the code lowtoxlife.

Follow them on Instagram @vestigeverdant or on Facebook


2. PROPPR® Timber bathroom footrest

Jacqueline one of the owners of PROPPR did the Go Low Tox course a few years ago and was one of our students who had a full career pivot – naturally, a stool that helps you fully empty the bowels better was where she pivoted to – a true low toxer not shying away from poop topics, right?

As humans we are designed to squat in order to eliminate properly. But since the advent of the western pedestal toilet, this innate instinct has largely been lost; causing a host of avoidable health problems. Using a PROPPR® helps replicate the squat position, which ‘unkinks’ the colon for a more effective release. The science is simple: the hip flexion achieved by squatting (PROPPing), straightens the kink in the lower part of your colon and waste passes with ease. And while strong in purpose, the PROPPR® was deliberately designed to be a stylish and modern piece of furniture; offered in a range of materials to suit any bathroom. It definitely doesn’t look particularly poopy!

The PROPPR® is an elegant, Australian designed and made footrest to get you in the proper ‘squat position’ during your ‘official bathroom business’. Made in AUSTRALIA out of FSC certified timber, the PROPPR® Timber is the premium and original footrest. Finished in Tasmanian Oak, a subtle Whitewash or Matt Black.

Get 10% off any PROPPR® stool (excludes delivery charges) – valid until 18th May. Click HERE to redeem your offer and use the code LOWTOXPROP10. And don’t let me know how you go! hehe. 

Follow them on Instagram @theproppr or on Facebook


3. The Probiotic Advisor – Dr Jason Hawrelak

Want to know who’s seriously in the know when it comes to the microbiome? This wonderful man who’s recently been on the podcast so go check that episode out too! Dr Hawrelak is Head of Research at ProbioticAdvisor.com. His passion for gastrointestinal health, the GIT microbiota, and probiotics were ignited during the final year of his undergraduate training. Subsequently, Dr Hawrelak did his Honours (First Class) and PhD degrees in the areas of the gastrointestinal microbiota, irritable bowel syndrome, and the clinical applications of pre- and probiotics. He has written extensively in the medical literature on these topics – including 16 textbook chapters – and his research has been cited over 900 times. Probiotic Advisor is a website that exists for clinicians and regular people to navigate the latest science and testing tools as well as to learn what makes for a resilient gut and how to mitigate challenges along the way. Well worth a perouse, his site, ad perhaps trying one of the courses.


4. GoodnessMe Box


So as you know, my main directive for leading a more nutrient-rich diet, is to move from being product-heavy to produce-dominant in your shopping basket. Can you eat 100% produce? Yes. Will you? Probably not, no. Whether it’s a jar of passata, a trail mix or a store-bought kefir, chances are some small percentage of what’s going in your basket is going to be a food/drink product. So, when it comes to products, we want to ensure that we’re choosing the good stuff.

GoodnessMe Box is Australia’s leading health food sampling box, delivering 7-10 boutique health products and samples to your door each month for just $25/month. The products are a mix of healthy snacks and ingredients, designed to nourish your body and put the excitement back into healthy eating. They have just released their brand new completely nut-free kids box at just $11.95 with free shipping.

Together with their team of health practitioners, they fill the boxes with only the highest quality health foods that are natural and gmo-free. They seek products free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavours, colours, food additives and MSG. All products are also GMO free. GoodnessMe Box has a no-diet approach to health and teaches you how to enjoy healthy foods. If you eat a whole food diet there should be no need to be a mathematician to be healthy (no need to count calories!) nor should you have to be a scientist (hello, strange numbers and preservative names!). Boxes can be personalised for your health requirements whether you are gluten free, dairy free or vegan, and they now have a box that is both gluten free and dairy free.

RECEIVE $10 off your GoodnessMe Box with the code: LOWTOXLIFE10. SHOP HERE 

Connect with GoodnessMe Box on Instagram @goodnessmebox or Facebook

5. Essential Oil for March: Idaho Blue Spruce!

Idaho Blue Spruce is an exclusive essential oil that is distilled directly from Young Living’s St. Maries farm in Idaho and they have a few trees also on the Mona farm in Utah, that I have rubbed the needles of myself, into the palm of my hand to smell the oils straight off the tree – Super special experience! This incredible oil, and one of my favourite contains high percentages of alpha pinene and limonene, with a delicious Christmas tree aroma. Diffuse to feel grounded, relaxed, peaceful, and secure, or apply topically after activity to soothe and aid in the calm down and support recovery – it is GREAT in remedial massage – I add 2-3 drops of Idaho + 2 drops Wintergreen to my Weleda Arnica Massage oil and voila: Massage heaven for the day after a solid game of tennis!

If you want more information on essential oils, I love and use Young Living and have done for nearly 5 years. Gary Young was a brilliant man who upped the industry standards and safety of essential oils as well as working towards one of the most sustainable large scale businesses going with their zero waste pledge over the next 5 years – a true pioneer and a brand that I wholeheartedly support due to their ethical and environmental standards and practices as well as safe recommendations. You can read up on why I choose YL here


6. Save Natural Therapy Rebates – the saga continues

Never be silent about the things that matter. We petitioned and put thousands of names on the petition to KEEP naturopathy, Western herbal medicine, pilates and yoga in our claimable extras health insurance. Awesome to see potential light coming on this wrongful decision to exclude yoga/Pilates/naturopathy/western herbs from private insurance with the health minister now putting $2 million into – hilariously – ‘reviewing the review’ that took them off in the first place. Let’s keep pushing, and writing in with our stories (try and be evidence-based with links to research of herbs you’ve used or nutraceuticals so that your testimony is not only a wonderful personal healing journey but rooted in science). You can read up on the backlash here: Backlash to government’s natural therapies rebate ban spurs new review


  7. Block Blue Light


ScreenTime Premium Blue Blocking Computer Glasses

I’ve been asked a few times on Instastories where I get my glasses from. They’re so great and I notice I sleep more deeply on the days that I use them throughout the day. ScreenTime premium daytime glasses are specifically designed for those spending significant time during the day in front of screens. They feature Block Blue Light specialised ClearBlue lens, designed to filter out harmful artificial blue light emitted by digital devices, and all other artificial light sources. If you work with screens or in an artificially lit workspace such as a hospital, not necessarily at a screen, these are absolutely worth it to protect our circadian rhythm health and natural rise and fall of melatonin.

Sweet Dreams Sleep Enhancing Light Bulb

The BlockBlueLight Sweet Dreams Bulb improves the quality and duration of sleep I’m sure of it – We have loved ditching the overhead led’s and popping a lamp in the living space, our two bedrooms, the office and kitchen to get rid of blue light in the evenings. It supports the natural sleep cycle and delivers high quality, warm evening lighting. The Sweet Dreams Bulb is ideal for lighting in bedrooms and evening lighting environments throughout the home.

Supports natural melatonin production: 3 times that of standard lights

SLEEP BETTER: Use Sweet Dreams Bulb before bed to promote relaxation and quality sleep. It produces the perfect amount of light for evening activities: not too bright, not too dim.

Helps to naturally regulate your circadian rhythm: Sweet Dreams Bulbs’s unique technology allows your body to prepare for sleep, and supports your natural sleep-wake cycle.

NO HEADACHES, NO EYESTRAIN: Sweet Dreams Bulb is engineered to provide more comfortable nighttime light. The instant you switch it on, you’ll feel the muscles in your eyes relax.

Customised spectrum supports a deep, restful and natural sleep: Minimises the blue light energy known to cause sleep disruption

Next time your lightbulbs need replacing – head for these and let me know how you go!


8. Book of the month – “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr Joe Dispenza



Oh how excited I am to have studied 3 of Dr Joe’s courses now and be eligible for the advanced 1 week retreat, which I head off to next Friday on the sunshine coast. Something I noticed with chronic illness, even though I was well on the recovery road, was that it had affected and weakened my morale – my brain didn’t feel powerful and I felt like my body was constantly letting me down and not perfect with every twinge and bizarre symptom. I fered the worse all the time. I feared I’d never get better or feel truly positive and I wanted to do something about that, given I know in my heart that my destiny is positivity and love – it’s what and who I’ve been my whole life. And so, I read Joe’s books and started the first course. Just amazing and I cannot wait to see what a week of meditation and practising the accessing of the quantum field brings. Trust me, you’ll be hearing all about it. Becoming Super Natural is Joe’s latest book and the place you should start if you’re curious about neuroscience and the quantum field. We made it our book for book club in the Low Tox Club and clubbers have been loving it. I invited Guy Lawrence who’d been on 3 of Joe’s advanced retreats into the club for a live chat about this type of work… So good! You can get a copy on Booktopia or Book Depository (for internationals).



9. Chocolate macadamia fudge cake

 I thought we could end on a delicious high with this cake. For extra fudginess, cook for 10 minutes less than on the recipe. You won’t regret it. Enjoy the Chocolate Macadamia Fudge cake


So there we go, hopefully, a few ideas to get the creative juices going, expand the mind and try new things. If you’re a small business owner with a wonderful low-tox product or service then please share with me below or pop us an email at [email protected] – I love using this list to add in a couple of cool new things available out there.

Low Tox. Happy People. Happy Planet

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