Expand your vision. Hone your skills. Build either on what you've started or something entirely new, for a low tox business you love and the impact you want to have!

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Welcome to the Low Tox Method

WHAT IS The Low Tox Method?

 The Low Tox Method is a 6 month, highly interactive business program where I teach you how to take your passion for all things low tox, and build presentation and training skills, social media and communication skills, as well as essential business skills in product sales, affiliate marketing and more, to build a great business that works for you, your family and the people you serve in the low tox niche you decide or are already operating in.

Whether you’re an ex-corporate, a start up business, a stay-at-home parent who's been out of the workforce for a few years and has a spark of an idea, looking to expand your practitioner business and reach more people or an established low-tox-related business, this program will challenge you to work to your highest potential. We turn "work" into a force for good - together we will reach more people and the potential becomes limitless. That. Gives. Me. Goosebumps. 

Why I created the Low Tox Method

13 years ago when I started Low Tox Life, I just knew there would be people out there who’d be just as miffed as me about all the nasties in our food, personal care and cleaning supplies as I was. I started sharing what I had learnt and it organically grew from there. 

Now, with the blog, the podcast, 10 E-Courses, 2 books published by Murdoch Books, 1 of them in 3 languages, and speaking all year round both in Australia and internationally, I feel that for us to grow the power of this movement, it's absolutely essential to deliver a program that supports you to be the low tox go-to for your community and beyond. I’ve heard from many of you wanting to put your knowledge to work, but perhaps not confident in how to go about it. And public speaking and snazzy reels on Insta? Maybe you’ve already got knots in your tummy at the thought of it. 

We need more people on the ground working with local communities, we need better design thinking in product development and we need you to be able to communicate your magic and be paid for the valuable way that you serve, however that ends up looking. 

I’ve taken a lot of courses online, 4 of them being in the coaching and business building arena over the years and there are always the same aspects missing, which has been a big motivator for creating this program: 

  • Lots of information, no transformative piece to prepare people to create their own job or business from all of that information! You finish lost and defeated instead of pumped and prepared. 
  • Thousands of dollars on the initial coaching program, only to be sold into some sort of "exclusive" mastermind before you’ve barely started the program you’ve joined (that won’t be happening here, I guarantee it!) 
  • No blueprint or tool kit stepping you through how to actually get paid work in your niche! You learn the content then you’re on your own! 
  • No support for your mental health and the challenges that come with navigating the starting of a small business nor the growth of one. 

This program will leave you feeling pumped and prepared to design your work life for impact - how ever that is best going to suit you and the people you wish to serve. 

What will this program give me?

Here is the place to create and develop a business you love, aligned with your values and zone of genius (we all have one!).

The Low Tox Method program will see you clarify your passions and ideas and design for impact, from your chosen aspect/aspects of the low tox life that you're going to focus on.

You’ll receive priceless practical guidance and the business-building tools you need to actually make that thing you love doing and talking about, a business. Our incredible guest interviewees and I will help you create a clear and powerful plan so you can take action right away - even while still doing the program.

Most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence to rise up and do important work - the work we need so many people doing.

HOW DOES The Low Tox Method WORK?

Low Tox Method trainings are released in monthly modules and consist of many easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates letters and emails, swipe files, resource lists, and good old fashioned worksheets to help you wade through your busy mind and hone what’s important! All of the training is online, contained in the private Low Tox Course member only site. You can view the training videos, connect with others in our private Facebook group, and support each other.

There are  fortnightly training calls where I answer your questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that you get the most from your investment and build real confidence along the way.
And once you’re in, you’re in. You can retake the program for free each year, for as long as the program exists.

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WHO TEACHES Low Tox Method?

The Low Tox Method is led by me, Alexx Stuart, the founder of the Low Tox movement, but prior to that, being a training program developer, consultant, coach and business owner myself since 2004 in cosmetics and hospitality. I’ve been teaching (I hold a certIV in teaching and training, a health coaching qualification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, and an executive coaching certificate from Cambridge University). Developing people’s skills and literacy on a subject and moving you from knowledge to know-how is my passion - you probably know this if you've done one of our courses! My mission with this program is to help you use your gifts, and passion for healthier people and the planet in the work you do and do that in a way that works for you and lights you up. Let's design a work life and business for impact! 

Ask yourself what will YOU give this course?

This is for you if…

  • You are multi-passionate but need to hone your ideas more effectively to suit your values and goals. 
  • You believe business can fit with our natural gifts and passions.
  • You are open to technology and using online as part of your business without it having to be the be-all! If I see one more Instagram account with 200 likes, the odd free deodorant for 'exposure' and no plan, I will be very, very sad. Time to get organised, upskill and be paid for the work you love and the lives you’ll positively impact doing work and business in the low tox space.
  • You are open to personal development, accountability and taking action. This is NOT a sit-back-and-watch course!

This is not for you if…

  • You’re not someone who takes action. If you’re looking for me to come over there and do it all for you this ain’t your program. 
  • You quit as soon as things get a bit hard. If you prefer a quiet, cosy life with things generally being easy, running a business isn’t for you, I’m just going to straight up say it.
  • You want to be an online superstar and forget the rest. In the Low Tox Method we teach social media as one of many tools to build your business but it's a part of a bigger, more holistic picture of the business design and building journey. 

What subjects are covered in the program?

Below are some of the topics covered within each month’s theme. Throughout there are guest interviews, reading list recommendations, video lessons, guest coaches, downloadable worksheets and assignments to ensure you’ve cemented the learning every step of the way.









Meet the wise experts joining us on this journey


Julia Bickerstaff,
Finance Expert and Business Coach

Pricing for your business and Goal setting in business and life.


Pauline Nguyen,
Entrepreneur and Author

Spiritual Entrepreneurship & Fearing LESS in business and life


Jess Miller,
Councilor at City of Sydney Council

Working with councils and government


Emma Isaacs,
Founder and International CEO of Business Chicks, Best Selling Author.

Building a meaningful business. Mindset. Connection. Lessons from failure. 


Melissa Browne,
Founder Accounting and Tax Advantage and best selling author.

Business Structure. Tax. Financial Planning.


David Wang,
founder of Click WP, Small business WordPress website expert

Powerful, simple website creation.


Jordanna Levin,
Author “Make It Happen”

Intention and manifestation in business and life.


Mariette Rups-Donnelly,
Powerhouse Presentation

Presentation skills and audience connection


Helen Marshal,
Founder of Primal Alternative

From star-up to flourishing in business


Tammi Kirkness,
VisionScope Coaching

Perfectionism and business ownership stress and boundaries.


Cyndi O’meara,
Changing Habits Founder, author and filmmaker

Lessons from a for-purpose business powerhouse


Teresa Cutter,
Healthy Chef Founder & Author

Lessons from a for-purpose business powerhouse


Bernadette Jiwa,
Story Strategist, Best Selling Author

The importance of your personal & business story

Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy,
Author of Get Remarkably Organised

Getting things done, organising your business and dealing with set backs.


Amanda Cook,
Author of Wellpreneur

Self care and pivoting your offerings.

Whatever business stage - even if you're just at the 'idea' stage - this journey dives deep into conquering…





















Frequently Asked Questions

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The Low Tox Method at a glance


You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so you can return to the material anytime and learn at your own pace. Plus, new expert interviews will be added over time so the learning won't stop! 


Join an amazing community of like-minded you can connect with via a private Facebook page — this powerful, tight-knit network will support you for years!


The Low Tox Method Course gives you the confidence and practical tools to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn money for your great work.


The 6-month program offers not only everything you 'have to' do in business, but everything you DON'T - Stay happy and well instead of being burnt out and over it!


The course is 100% online, so you can take the program from anywhere, anytime, experiencing the intimacy and energy of in-person learning from the comfort of home.


An easy, digestible video curriculum with an audio option for when you're on the go and useful worksheets and downloads to cement your learning as you go.

So there you have it. If you’ve been thinking “How can I take my passion for this subject, for people’s health and our beautiful planet and turn it into my full time work focus or adapt what I already do into the low tox space?” You are in the right place. Let’s create this work on YOUR terms and get you living a life of purpose, supporting our people and planet to thrive!

Alexx x

I am so looking forward to supporting you in your career, whatever that looks like for you along this journey and whether you're sure or confused right now - we'll move forward, that I can guarantee you! Alexx

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