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Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Alexx, creator of the Low Tox Life. Look! Here’s a picture of me, clearly overjoyed to have finally launched the membership club this past August:

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You are here because you’re wondering what the Low Tox Club is all about. Yes? Well, let’s hook straight into it, then.

What is this club?

The Club is for anyone who likes to ‘topic nerd’ and deeper explore topics and low tox ideas, connect with like minds, and save a little cash when making your low tox purchases, thus the words I came up with to sum it all up: ‘Explore. Connect. Save’.

You don’t have to have done one of my courses or be an email subscriber, or have been to my Christmas drinks last year or a talk I’ve done. You can be anyone who’s interested in exploring, connecting and saving on all things low tox! I created it partly because my alumni from various courses wanted a space we could continue to learn together, as well as something for the wider low tox community that might not be necessarily wanting to do an e course, but maybe you want to make the most of a few perks and some extra learning and join a smaller, private group away from the big public page and the lack of community vibe in blog comments and the like.

So, to sum it up, I created the club to help you

  1. Explore low tox topics such as sleep, DIY beauty, Allergies, the GUT, GMOs, exercise, mould, detoxing and more as we go on to be revealed!
  2. Connect with me personally and like minds in a private group and have meaningful discussions, helping each other live our best lives.
  3. Save – We have AMAZING deals each month which will only get better as we grow. If you live low tox, I hand select brands at no cost to them, to provide my favourite low tox finds at a great price for a month. That makes testing and trying easier on the wallet and basically covers the little membership fee if you capitalise on one or two of the every-useful offers (nothing we don’t need!)
  4. Receive advice from our monthly practitioner Q&A’s where your questions around health are answered to help you know with confidence, your next steps.

Still need more explaining? I even made this pretty graphic for you visual types among us:

Why join the club-

How does each month work?

You will receive an email on the 1st Monday of the month and the 3 thereafter – if you’re joining mid month, you’ll have all the current month’s details in the member area already unlocked, so don’t panic – You won’t miss a thing! In each weekly scoop you’ll receive access to:

  1. Interviews exploring a topic. There will be 2 a month but for launch month on SLEEP, I got a little excited and there are 4 amazing interviews which you can back catalogue listen to any time! Many group members struggling around sleep have called them life changing.
  2. Your low tox partner offers. These offers ensure the low tox life is achievable and that trying new stuff or stocking up on pressies is a little easier on the wallet! There are a minimum of 5 a month from various brands and online low tox retailers. Why don’t you make the most of one of this month’s offers which is from Weleda Australia, right now while you’re weighing up the club pros and cons (what cons, right?) Club members have 20% off this month AND free shipping over $29.95 and I’d love to offer you that too. Head to their site to enjoy!
  3. Your private facebook group chats. What goes on in the club, stays in the club and you can talk about stuff that sometimes people find tricky to talk about with family or close friends and you don’t want them seeing those comments. Only members of the club will see what is spoken about in the group and we are all sworn to “What goes on in the club, stays in the club”. And not in a swingers and sects kind of way in case that’s sounding freaky… more in a “respect for fellow clubbers” kind of way!
  4. Added tips and resources such as books and documentaries you might want to explore.
  5. A 1 week gluten free meal plan with vegetarian swaps and mostly dairy free too (these kick in from October). You’ll have cooking ninja tips within the recipes to keep things interesting for you in the kitchen and keep you trying new flavours and techniques, expanding your food vocab.
  6. A practitioner interview that speaks to your questions around health – we’ll pick 4 questions that all members would benefit from knowing the answer to, and then another couple that speak to more niche concerns to help you along your way!

Can I join the club if I live overseas?

You sure can. At this point I don’t have any low tox savings available for you for overseas stores, BUT we are working on that for the US and the UK – There’s still plenty to enjoy however if it resonates for you!

Do I have access to past topics joining now?

YES! Each topic will be available for a full year before disappearing, so if you join today, you’ve got every month’s content back to August when the club started – Sleep, Gut Health, Meditation and relaxation, Allergies – some great interviews to watch with a cup o’ tea!

What is the commitment?

Only $17 per month. Yep. That’s it. All you have to do is capitalise on 1-2 of the partner offers and you’re covering your entire membership fee in savings. How cool is that, right?

To think of it a different way, that’s 4 coffees for all the above mentioned value or a poached eggs and coffee breakfast in a cafe.

Cancel any time. When you ‘buy’ the club membership you’ll simply be debited the $17 per month. And yes you read that right, if it’s not your thing, that’s cool.

Sound like something you want to try?

Then go for it and join me in the club through the little yellow button below.

I am passionate about sifting through the internet to provide quality practitioners and experts in their fields, that don’t teach ‘one way or the highway’ and who provide excellent, balanced towards you living your best life. No fear mongering, guilt, one way of doing things or misinformation allowed. Just a positive, happy community space where we stay curious, feel supported and have a great time living the low tox life!

If you have questions I’d love to know, so email me personally [email protected] and I’ll get to you within a couple of days, I promise.

Low Tox. Happy People. Happy Planet.

See you in club land.

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