My new book “Real Treats” now available on Amazon

I am so excited to announce that my book is published and now available through amazon.

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I really struggled with what sort of “first book” to write. I felt this weird kind of self-imposed stress of having to solve all the world’s food problems in one go! In the end, I thought about one of my favourite to do, and that is to help people feel free – free from junk, free from guilt, free from the packets of weirdness and the refined sweets of our times. So, that’s where I’ve started. It contains my sweet treats recipes from the blog which shall now be in an indexed and easy format for you. It also has 30 new recipes, ranging from breakfast options, smoothies, bars, biscuits and desserts. 68 recipes total.

What you’ll find inside: 

  • Full section on helping you realise what is really in the things we so often call ‘treats’ and works at helping those who aren’t quite there yet, ditch the junk.
  • Indexed recipes for easy finding and access
  • A pantry clear out list and what to add into your pantry
  • 68 of my delicious gluten, grain and dairy free recipes from snacks to desserts.
  • A very low fructose philosophy using minimal sweeteners, natural sweeteners and glucose based sweetening that’s easier on our bodies
  • A conversion section in the back of the book so that wherever you live in the world, you’ll be able to work out your measurements.
  • Some great nut free school lunchbox options
  • Loads of egg free recipes for those with intolerance there too
  • 26,000 of my words – Seriously! This is my “masters” thesis.

Why is it so inexpensive? 
A question I’ve been asked a lot in the first 2 days since it’s availability. I believe everyone should be able to afford to be healthier. Access is a big thing for me, so if you are surprised at the price and would have paid more, why not gift it to a couple of friends so they can join us in the land of Real Treats?

But I don’t have a kindle device!
You don’t need one. Just download a kindle reader or app from the app store, for your computer, tablet or smart phone and voila! Once you then go in and buy it from amazon it will be in your app / reader ready to enjoy.

Click here to download the book today. If you fancy leaving a review, I would LOVE that, as it helps “Real Treats” show up well in search results, up against all those refined sweets books.

When you get making, be sure to post on the facebook wall, or tag me on instagram @lowtoxlife so I can see. How about a hashtag while we’re at it: #realtreats 😉

And to finish with a bit of schmoopy, because I am prone to a little schmoop: You guys make what I do matter. I send you massive thanks and really hope you enjoy all 68 of the “Real Treats“.

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      Thanks Marnie – I hope you enjoy it, and if you get the chance to jump back on amazon and review, that would be amazing. Reviews help the book keep getting exposure 🙂

  1. That is very big of you to keep the book so affordable. Have bookmarked plenty of recipes already, even though I have to go on a stupid nut, seed & legume free low-nickel diet 🙁

    Looking forward to making the pikelets!

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      Thanks Zo. THere’ll still be loads in there you can make on that restriction. Enjoy and tag me if you make stuff and take pics 🙂

  2. Congratulations Alexx I love the way you have packaged this message – it is a number one tripping point for many people who are transitioning to a real food diet and leaving fake ‘treats’ behind…my only problem is I don’t have a kindle and am fairly technologically hopeless – how do I buy and read your book without a kindle? Is that possible?…sorry if that is a completely dumb question! Thanks in advance for answering. Nikki x

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      Nikki! Did I reply? Not sure. Can’t see in my comment edit page… At least I mentally did. Thanks for your note. All you have to do is download the kindle app for tablet / smart phone and then when you buy it it will be in your kindle app sitting there waiting to be clicked on and read 🙂

  3. I am very keen to purchase your book but as I currently live in Singapore it tells me I am unable to purchase on Amazon. Is there an alternate way to buy the book?

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      1. Thanks Alexx. We are rarely able to download ebooks from Amazon for some reason. It is incredibly frustrating. Looking forward to the PDF.

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