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Preconception Ninja is an on-demand e course which means you can take it any time. It's here to help you prepare to be conception-ready. These days our bodies are under a lot of stress, exposed to toxins, often undernourished in critical nutrients and perhaps even have a few underlying issues we could address to increase our chances of success. We believe that this course is a powerful journey of awareness that will empower you with the know-how and tools to improve your preconception health, with the benefits lasting well beyond this stage in life.



  • Have you been trying to fall pregnant for a while?
  • Are you undergoing IVF?
  • Thinking about starting a family soon?
  • Thinking about babies one day and wondering what you could do to get ready?
  • Confused about folic acid and why some people say it’s ‘amazing’ and others say ‘be careful’?
  • Confused about food in general when it comes to fertility, with all the mixed messages on what’s healthy and what’s not?
  • You know you want to read up on stuff but the internet is too big and you don’t have time to search?

The information, recipes, interviews and tips in Preconception Ninja will be of enormous help to you if found yourself nodding to any of the above.


When I was 28 years old, I hadn’t had a period in 2 years. I’d been on the pill from about 21 until I was 25 and it just never came back when I stopped. I had tests, and it was revealed that I had PCOS. A practitioner at one point shrugged and said “Well, you just might need to prepare yourself for the fact that this could be early onset menopause”. 28 years old. Not quite something I was expecting to have to deal with! I had just started seeing a naturopath some months before, to help me kiss my recurrent tonsillitis goodbye and it hadn’t occurred to me at all to see her regarding fertility and getting the crimson tide to get going again (I was still in shock that she’d helped me kick chronic tonsillitis!) BUT, something led me back to her and she huffed and puffed and half laughed at what I’d been told, and then sent me off with some herbs and a couple of strategic vitamins and voila: The ol’ friend paid me a visit about 3-4 weeks later. Gobsmacked I was, happy too of course, and the rest, as they say, is history, now looking at my gorgeous healthy boy.

I realise fully and know first hand with close friends, that fertility isn’t gifted to us all and sometimes it’s a very hard road of trying and not getting there in the end. We can’t promise anything in creating these resources for you and it would be foolish of us to do so, however I believe, hand on heart after hearing so many amazing success stories with the low tox tweaks and changes people have made over the years in our community, that this information matters, is 100% relevant to the pursuit of conception, and information I would have welcomed big time, were I to have my time again.


Preconception Ninja takes a holistic approach to upping your health on the road to baby making, focusing on five key topics

Power foods for fertility Isn’t it amazing that the right foods have the power to totally
transform your body? We take a look at the top macro and
micronutrients essential for fertility, as well as the foods that can
muck with your hormones. You’ll also get a 1-week meal plan to help
you nourish your body ready for a bub!
Gut health 101 Did you know that your baby will take on the same gut blueprint as
you and your partner? This has knock-on effects on your baby’s
long-term health. We take you through all things gut health,
including how to know if you have a gut issue and ways to improve
your belly microbiome.
Lowering your toxic load What does toxic load have to do with pregnancy? A whole lot – the
toxins around you can really mess with your hormones, making it
tricky to fall pregnant. We take a look at what toxins to reduce,
ways of living a low-tox life and how to detox safely.
The “SSSH” Effect A nifty little nickname for other ingredients to maximise our
chances of the horizontal tango: Sleep, Stress Management, Sexy
Time and a Happy Headspace. You’ll learn why managing stress will
be instrumental in helping you fall pregnant, ways to manage your
stress levels, why sleep is so important for pregnancy the perks of
living with joy and vitality. And of course, ways to jazz up
“Sexy Time”.
Clinical support We share how to choose health practitioners to join you on your
preconception journey, which tests to have and how feel
empowered about asking your doctor for these tests, as well as
some underlying health conditions that can impact your ability to
fall pregnant.



When you sign up, you’ll create a login, receive a welcome email and be able to jump straight into the course portal to begin learning.


The course portal includes 5 topics (listed above), with course reading, tips, how-to’s, recipes, videos
with experts and further resources. Each topic is about 20-25 minute read and most of the interviews are about 30-minutes long (which you can also listen to via Soundcloud or download a transcript to read through).


You’ll receive regular emails from us every couple of days to keep you on track with your learning and prompt you to log in. As all course content is available to you as soon as you join, you can power through the info in one night, or choose to pace yourself with our emails.


We give you a 1-week Fertility Ninja Meal Plan and recipe book, filled with delicious recipes to try.


You’ll also have access to a free year in the Low Tox Club Private chat group worth $49 where you can connect with others who are getting their Preconception Ninja on.


You get lifetime access to Preconception Ninja, so there’s no rush to ‘get everything completed’, and you can pop back online to review at any time. Pick and mix from a range of ongoing tools, exercises and recipes which are there to support you as you uncover various topics throughout the course. In your time, your way.


  • Lifetime access to the course - no rush to ‘get everything completed’
  • Access to a free year in the Low Tox Club Private chat group worth $49
  • 5 detailed topics to read through
  • 6 videos, including 11 interviews with expert practitioners on fertlity
  • A 1-week Fertility Ninja Meal Plan and recipe book

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Nicole Bijlsma

Building Biologist + Naturopath

The need for a healthy home to optimise fertility.


Naomi Judge


Supplementation considerations to be made in the preconception phase.


Kate Johnston

Naturopath + Nutritionist

Optimal nutrition and testing
to prepare for makin' babies!


Shalani McCray

Holistic Nutritionist + Herbalist

The impact that stress has on fertility and how vital it is to bring a practice of calm into the every day


Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Holistic Dentist, Personal Trainer + Health Coach

The links between oral health
and fertility and what we can do to increase fertility from our mouths!


Kate Kendall

Celebrated Yogi + Cofounder of Flow Athletic

Shares a beautiful
chat about sleep along with a sleep meditation


Francesca Naish

Naturopath and fertility authority, founder of the Jocelyn Centre

Building up your health towards your greatest chance of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby. 


Georgia Lienemann


Discusses fertility power foods from traditional diets and what she ate as a nutritionist on her preconception diet.

Expert - dr sandy eun - precon ninja circle

Dr Sandy Eun

Integrative GP

Subclinical markers with preconception blood tests and why they matter


Tracey McMullen

Energetic Healer

How energetic healing can help you remove emotional road blocks on your fertility journey


Gabriela Rosa

Natural Fertility Specialist & Naturopath

Helping people whose fertility cases have been placed in the ‘too-hard’ basket find clarity and answers.


  • Lifetime access to the course - no rush to ‘get everything completed’
  • Access to a free year in the Low Tox Club Private chat group worth $49
  • 5 detailed topics to read through
  • 6 videos, including 5 interviews with experts and 1 meditation
  • A 1-week Fertility Ninja Meal Plan and recipe book

Fancy paying off your course in interest-free payments?
We've partnered with OpenPay to help you do just that! Register via the button above.


How much is the course?

The course is $98 AUD.

How long do I have access for?

You get lifetime access to Preconception Ninja, which means you can log in at any time and learn at your own pace.

What’s included?

5 detailed topics on improving your health for preconception, a 1-week Fertility Ninja Meal Plan with recipes, video interviews with 5 experts on fertility, a guided meditation, regular emails, access to a free year in the Low Tox Club Private chat group worth $49 so that you can support each other.

Who should join?

This course is for anyone looking to improve their health, especially if making babies is on the horizon, or something you’re already trying to do but have hit a snag or it's taking longer than you fancied.

I’m undergoing IVF… is this course for me?

Absolutely! This preconception course is full of amazing information and knowledge from experts that will help you feel empowered and improve your health as you undergo IVF.

I’m really busy – will I have time to do the course?

The course has 5 topics, each of which takes about 25-30 minutes to read, plus there are 5 video interviews to watch (all around 30-minutes of goodness each). So, all in all, it’s not a huge time commitment for you. Plus, you get lifetime access to the course, so there’s no rush! You can take things at your own pace, implement little learnings at a time and come back to re-read things if you need to.

I have a health issue – should I do the course?

The course information is intended for informational purposes only, and any major changes to your diet or medical plan should be discussed with your doctor. That said, there is a wealth of information in this course that will help you become more empowered and knowledgeable on all things baby-making, plus may even help your health and fertility journey with your health practitioner.

How are the experts involved?

Our wonderful panel of experts have all recorded 30-minute video interviews with Alexx, based around the key topics of the Preconception Ninja course. We’ve also included a link to a Soundcloud audio file for these so you can choose to listen as you walk or drive to work. Alternatively, you can download the interview transcript and read through the chat that way. Each of them, excepting Nicole who works exclusively in Building Biology now,  is also available for skype consultation if you're not Sydney-based and feel you want to work with them.

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