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Choose your own gifting adventure out of any one of the Low Tox Life online courses and inspire someone to make empowering choices for themselves, their health and the planet!




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    We believe education on living our best lives shouldn’t be fraught with guilt, fear, and a sense of overwhelm or failure. We believe it should empower us to feel crystal clear on what our best options are. And? We believe it should feel exciting, delicious and rewarding. Choose your own gifting adventure:

    Go Low Tox: our flagship online course to learn how to navigate making the best choices for you and for the planet

    Inflammation Ninja: educate yourself on the inflammatory cascade so you can understand your health better

    Pre-Conception Ninja: maximise yours and your partner’s fertility

    Low Tox Kids: learn how to raise your kids low tox in a high tox world

    Real Food Rockstar: develop food confidence and loose the confusion, guilt and lack of desire to cook