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What’s the E book about? It’s to help you ditch the nasties in your personal care and home cleaning, with hundreds of product links, swaps, science and encouragement, to make it a super easy and positive thing to do!

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  • Learn why we have to take a closer look at the chemicals in our lives
  • Learn what to look out for, including chemical names, their meanings and effects based on scientific research.
  • Learn how to shop and avoid nasties across over 50 brands
  • Learn about the trusted websites such as ReSparkleNourished Life and BIOME that have got you covered and can just deliver everything to your door, conveniently in this busy, modern life.
  • Learn simple DIY recipes for face and body
  • Get a resource list of safe shops, brands and products for easy swapping
  • Cover home cleaning, laundry, face, body and sun care to ensure that what you’re using every day is non harmful to YOU nor to the environment.