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I am SO excited to bring you guys the very first physical Low Tox Life product: A beautiful, sturdy and big-capacity shopping bag, with the highest textiles certification there is – GOTS (global organic textiles standard ensuring that production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, exportation, importation and distribution of all natural fibre is done fairly and to the highest environmental standard. It has, double sides, my Real Food Manifesto on it – something I created for World Food day back in 2012 – so now, you can inspire and gently educate while you wander around the shops. No need to be preachy or even say a word. Creating curiosity is everything on the positive road to change and I can say from 3 days worth of experience, this bag strikes up conversations. Beautiful ones!

What’s in your average reusable bag?

I was a bit shocked to find out as I went about researching my vision for the ‘best a bag could be for us and the planet’.

  1. I found that most of the hessian shopping bags were heavily treated with harsh chemicals during production (made sense why I always got rashes from them!)
  2. I found that most reusables have added PVC plastic linings, for ‘non leak’ purposes but meanwhile that means phthalates – hormone disruptive chemicals – in the lining of our supposed healthier choices for us and the planet? That doesn’t sound right, does it!?
  3. I found that most ‘recycled plastic’ reusables still use NEW plastics in the mix, usually around 30%
  4. I found middle men charging extortion fees for organic cotton with zero commitment to showing me exactly who was making the bags, nor being able to say they were GOTS certified and that the factory workers were paid fairly and worked in a safe environment. What’s the good in organic if people are suffering and if it can’t be certified for sure?
  5. I found that any bag costing around $1-5 to make, was going to be made from genetically modified cotton, using harsh inks and showing no transparency about fair trade, safety conditions of farmers or factory workers, and no disclosure on chemicals used in processing.

NOT HAPPY WITH ANY OF THAT. I wanted the perfect bag for us. A completely transparent, organic cotton, GOTS certified bag to give me the confidence that no one was exposed to round up on their farms, factory workers were paid well and worked safe, no harsh dyes / inks were used, and production processing didn’t involve any nasties, PLUS a bag that was practical, had the perfect shoulder strap length and super sturdy. Was this really too much to ask?

As it turned out, NO, no it wasn’t. Enter my ethical fashion guru friend, co founder of ethical organic undies brand Mighty Good Undies, Hannah Parris (remember our show together on the Low Tox Life podcast? Go check it out, show #5). She worked with me to bring my dream to life and I am so super grateful. It was more expensive than I thought it would be, but you know what? It’s as we say: someone somewhere is paying the price on that ‘bargain’ along the way – either a farmer getting short changed, bad work conditions with greedy bosses, unsafe transport, cheap materials that are bad for the planet… No thanks. I want my business dollars to support fair, beautiful recognition for great work and I know you want the same.

What are people saying already?

Alison says “It’s a great size Alexx, far out it can hold a lot of stuff!”

Janelle says “LOVE the wide base and cannot wait to fill them at the markets!”

The feedback is so positive already from a capacity, comfort on the shoulder and sturdiness perspective. Phew – A lot of thought went into them, so I’m relieved!

Not for Profit commitment

Given the aim of this bag is to reduce single use plastics, I thought it was super fitting to find an amazing organisation dedicated to building technology and cleaning up our ocean of plastics. So I found OCEAN CLEAN UP starting by an inspiring young Dutch man and they’re doing unbelievable large scale things. I’m super excited to be donating 20% of all profits from the sale of our bags to OCEAN CLEAN UP and this will be a permanent thing that we’ll report on annually as to how much we were able to donate. It won’t be huge, after the cost of the bags themselves and getting them over hear, then picking, packing, popping to the post, costs of staff, but it will be something and I think it’s the perfect synergy! We are in no way affiliated with The Ocean Clean Up company. I’ve simply contacted them and let them know we’re going to be regular donors and they’re happy to hear it!



Check out below if you want to see me unload some shopping – I’m still shocked by how much it fits! It’s 18.5cm deep, 27cm shoulder strap height (no cramping it under your armpit discomfort!), 34cm wide and 41cm tall. They may seem random, but what they are is ‘perfect human size’ for carrying around. You shall see!

How long will it take to get to me?

Depending on where you are in Australia, about a week.

Why so expensive?

Well it’s not in the end… It’s going to last for one. It’s super sturdy, thick GOTS certified organic cotton AND we’re paying everyone fairly along the whole way – from cotton farm to arrival on my doorstep. It’s also gorgeous and will last ages, not like many thin totes that a pencil could tear a hole through – buy less, buy better, it’s the Low Tox way!

Any businesses reading this who fancy wholesaling? Get in touch [email protected]

I hope you love the bag – join up with friends to save on postage if you fancy and please tag yourself with your bag to @lowtoxlife and #lowtoxlife – I will be giving away a gorgeous gift basket of Low Tox goodies valued at $200 on December 20th to a lucky instagram sharer.

Here’s to the real deal. The fair deal. The products for people and planet!

Low Tox. Happy Us. Happy Planet.

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