Sarah Wilson – I Quit Sugar Program


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What’s inside this book

  • A sharp 8-Week Program that walks you through each crucial stage, week by week.
  • A tidy, easy-to-relay-to-mates-at-the-pub explanation of how and why sugar is making us fat and sick.
  • A sugar replacement plan with detox + a suggested supplements list.
  • 108 sugar-free and delicious recipes including cakes, desserts, meals, sweet treats and more.

More about the book

We know it’s the digital age, but sometimes you just can’t beat a good ol’ fashioned print book. That’s why we’ve bundled our super-popular print I Quit Sugar Cookbook with the digital 8-Week Program eBook and saved you 15% in the process!

The 8-Week Program will help you give up sugar, week by week, with tips, tricks and insight, to help you quit fructose for good. It’s complemented by the I Quit Sugar Cookbook, a collection of over 108 sugar-free and healthy recipes for cakes, desserts, sweet treats, breakfast inspiration, lunches, dinners and more.

About the Program:

Sarah Wilson was addicted to sugar. She needed it every day. She convinced herself it was “good sugar”. But sugar is sugar. And it was making her sick, tired and bloated. She set about researching all the different ways to quit the stuff. It took a while. But in the process she found what works and developed an 8-Week Program that follows simple techniques that are kind, sensible and effective. This book’s for you if:

  • You’ve tried to quit on your own and can’t get past the first few days (there’s a very important reason for this, which we’ll be sharing!)
  • You’re tired of feeling sluggish, bloated and stuck and want to try a new way (you might just be curious to see if sugar is the culprit…why not?)
  • You want to lose weight (because, yes, the Program will help you do this, too)

About the I Quit Sugar Cookbook:

The I Quit Sugar Cookbook is the follow-up to I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program. It doesn’t muck about: it features more than 108 desserts, cakes, snacks, kids’ treats and detox recipes, plus a bunch of other tricks and tips and links. Here’s a guide to what’s inside:

  • A step-by-step program for getting off sugar plus 108 sugar-free recipes!
  • Guidance through various stages of detox and adjustment
  • Advice on how to lose weight and kill cravings
  • Lessons on how to stock the fridge, pantry and freezer with ready to go sugar-free foods