Real Food Rockstars – Your 20 day ticket to food freedom

This is going to be one heck of a delicious, chewy and digestible e course. I am truly excited at what we shall achieve together. Here’s an indepth one way chat from me about the course…

For the past 11 years I’ve moved through a real food journey, which has greatly assisted in healing and supporting 3 chronic conditions – Chronic tonsilitis, long term PCOS and sub clinical hypothyroid. I’ll never forget the 2 day fast my ‘new naturopath’ 12 years ago put me on after 4 rounds of antibiotics that hadn’t worked. I had said to myself in the pits of despair “There’s got to be a better way than this” and got curious about what holistic therapies might have to offer.

It was a fast of broth and well cooked carrots, along with 2 simple immune supplements. Cured 48 hours later and after continuing to work from the inside out, strengthening my immunity, I haven’t had it since, bar one mild case – As someone who had spent 20 years getting tonsilitis several times per year, this was revolutionary! So I knew back then that real food could get you one heck of a long way to fixing illness and supporting your body’s natural state: A healthy state.

Once I then started to do a little research on food, where it came from and how it was produced, I could not believe what I uncovered. Like a Hollywood blockbuster Erin Brockevich-like tale, the dirty back doors of the food industry unveiled themselves.

I then realised it was about WAY more than our health, but by changing the way we ate, we could also peacefully bring down the naughty companies that produce factory weirdness that harms us long term. People won’t make what people don’t buy. So peaceful. So easy. I had a crystal clear realisation that we could shape our health and that of our planet’s from our shopping baskets. From that realisation, and the realisation that I was destined to be a teacher and sherpa of sorts in this space, stemmed my blog and our community.

I want to ensure that people who want to hop on the train headed for the blissful low tox life, can do so armed with facts, unbiased research, delicious inspiration and arrive confidently. It’s not all going to be easy. There’s mental work to be done as well as product swaps, label detective skill building, work to make our families happily get on the train with us, work to understand the real picture of the current food system.

Will it be worth it? You bet. Will you feel it’s a delicious journey whereby you feel free and no longer trapped by food and food choices at the end? Absolutely YES. Let’s take a look at the vastness of content we will cover together.

Please note that this is not a diet course or a course to make you eat a certain way, other than the real food way. I want you to know exactly who the real enemies are in the food mix, and from there, crowd them out and use the tools from this course, to design your perfect food mix as well as be knowledgeable in the way that we can strength our bodies and ward of probability of a range of diseases – how powerful is that?

What are we covering?

Real Food – Definition and exploration

  1.  What exactly ‘real food’ means
  2. How to know what and who to believe in the age of google
  3. How the food industry has contributed to the diseases oh so prevalent in our society today?
  4. How food plays a role in reversing that disease and future proofing our families’ health.
  5. Each of the types of food source under the microscope – covering meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fats, grains, sugars and processed food.
  6. Label reading – a label decoded every day of the course so that you have plenty of practice and know every trick in the book.

Real Food Implementation

  1. The real food mind set: Discovery not deprivation.
  2. What’s leaving the cupboards and fridge
  3. The new kids on the block in your pantry and fridge – Your definitive guide to REAL food with resources for the UK, USA, Australia and France.
  4. Cost saving – how to do organic, sustainable without it costing the earth.
  5. Face saving – how to be a real food rockstar and still keep your friends, partner and your kids!
  6. Eating for 1, for couples, for families with little kids and families with teens, eating over 60
  7. Baby’s best start. It ain’t cereal!
  8. Expanding tastes – fussy eating root causes for little and big people alike
  9. Different benefits to different forms of food prep – raw, cooked, slow cooked, dehydrated, soaked and sourdough

Real Food healing – A taster with some incredible interviews with experts in their fields

  1. Real Food for hormones
  2. Real Food and weight
  3. Real Food for MOJO – Get your energy back!
  4. Real Food for heart health
  5. Real Food and gut health (digestion, allergies, brain and stress)
  6. Real Food and inflammation
  7. Real Food for strong children
  8. Real Food and community
  9. Real Food for the planet

Plus loads of cool bonus materials like clever recipes and reinventions, ‘how to stage a real food workshop’, and expert interviews by a huge array of legends in the field of disease reversal and preventative health through food.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to feel comfortable and confident about what foods are right for them, how to find and prepare them. I won’t be prescribing ‘a diet’ other than ditching weirdness. You will have the tools to start listening for what’s right for you. This lasts a life time past our time together.
  • If you are just starting out and want to be thorough from the get go.
  • If you have wanted to get round to digging a bit deeper, but haven’t had the time or motivation to do it alone.
  • If you want to be able to put a lot of sound knowledge behind what they know to feel / be right in the face of friends and family.
  • Real Foodists who feel that labelling their ‘diet’ something just doesn’t feel right.
  • If you want to explore how specific foods can heal
  • If you are sick of trying to explain their choices and want to feel more empowered in their peer groups
  • If you want to commit to real food but can’t quite peace together how to not feel like you’re missing out
  • If you love making changes with a supportive community to become friends with over the duration of the course.


Who are the experts?

We have a long list of holistic practitioners from naturopaths, to surgeons, to phds, to nutritionists, to psychologists and world class researchers. These are some of the top minds from overseas and locally, to ensure our learning is broad, backed by research and totally and utterly inspiring!


What is the daily time commitment?

20-30 minutes a day to read the daily module and make a plan for implementation. Interviews and implementation are on top of that and will vary depending on the topic. Interviews will be available as sound files as well as video, for your daily walks you always make time for. Right? You will have full course material access for 3 months.

What is the format?

We will focus on a module topic each day and within that there will be information, research, tips and tools. From there there will be supplementary materials in the form of video interviews, documentaries and research papers for you when you want to deepen your knowledge in specific areas.

There will be a big resource list of Real Food Rockstars around the world to stay inspired and keep expanding your real food vocab, as much as you want and at your pace.

Being a Real Food Rockstar means ditching the stress, the guilt the lie of convenience truly loving the precious gift that is beautiful, natural, nourishing food. It took me years to get there and having been one for 4 years now without so much as a minute yearning for my old favourite, Cherry Ripe, I can tell you it’s possible and I can tell you, you WILL feel awesome.


Alexx xx