Seedy banana snack bites

These banana snack bites are a yummy, easy number to whip up for work or lunchbox snacks – At a pinch they’re a super nutrient packed breakfast option on a crazy morning. They are packed with good stuff, and instead of all ‘syrup style sweetener’ and flours for binding, I’ve used fresh banana for all of the other awesome things banana has going for it. Sure it means it’s not a ‘brick’ in terms of the texture factor and it’s on the softer side, but it’s far better for us. If you want a super crunchy bar treat, you MUST make the chocolate buckwheat bars at some point too, I insist!

Let me know what you think when you make these. We found them to be just that perfect balance between packed nutrients and treat.

Enjoy and tag me if you Instagram your efforts @lowtoxlife #lowtoxlife because I’m pretty sure you could take a better picture of these ones! 😉

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Seedy Banana Snack Bites Recipe



  • Line a tray with parchment paper (I use this one to avoid paraffin wax and / or teflon coating on mainstream ones – it’s 25% off at the moment, so stock up with a couple!) and a little coconut oil
  • Preheat oven to 180C
  • Pop your banana in the blender and blend it up to puree first.
  • Then pop everything else in except the buckwheat and blend for 15 seconds on high. Ideally you want to break up your seeds a bit so they gel up with the moisture of the bananas and bind the bites together)
  • Then add your buckwheat bits in at the end and blend in for 3-4 seconds just to combine them
  • Then pop on the parchment paper in the tray, and spread to about .8cm thick. “finger tip thickness”
  • Bake for about 20-25 minutes depending on your oven power. Ours is a fan forced gas oven and 25 minutes was perfect.
  • Pull them out and enjoy one warm – always a must, right?
  • Then cool on the window sill and pop in a container for up to 5 days in the pantry. Pop into container soon after you’ve cooled them, especially if you live somewhere humid, so that they don’t get too soft and crumbly.

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  3. I have made a similar version of these using chia seeds instead of poppy,linseeds & just soaked the buckwheat couple of hrs, rinsed & put right in. Yummy,though wondering is leaving the toasting step out ok or will just give a different taste maybe.

  4. Oh. My. Word. These. Are. Divine!!

    I couldn’t buy poppy seeds in time to make these (plastic free July and all), so I used chia seeds as Kerry hinted at above. Turned out gorgeously!! Next time I’ll be putting little rounds on the tray to make “biscuits” – the crunchy edged are the best bit!!

    I made them for my visiting mum and nieces.. I’m not sure they’ll see any!!

    Thanks, Alexx!! <3

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  5. Oh, and I also forgot the buckwheat until I’d spread the mixture on the tray, so I just sprinkled them on top and pushed them in a bit! It actually looks really good, I’ll share a photo on your Facebook page!

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