What is a certified Low Tox Life coach?

You might be wondering what a certified Low Tox Life Coach is. This title is given to graduates of the Low Tox Method online coaching program who have trained with Alexx Stuart personally to be proficient in conducting workshops to help people live healthier lives and be kinder to our planet. A successful graduate has submitted a variety of assessments including research tasks, responsible social media posting and sharing, and public speaking assessments, to ensure that they uphold the high standards set by Alexx in providing positive, non-biased and useful information to the public who want to learn how to make better decisions for themselves, their families and the wider community.

What Is The Low Tox Method?

The Low Tox Method is a 5 month, interactive video-based training program that teaches people who are passionate about the low tox space, how to build teaching and training skills as well as essential business skills, to build a great business that supports their community. Graduates of this program turn “work” into a force for good.

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Who Teaches the Low Tox Method?

The Low Tox Method is led by Alexx Stuart, the founder of the Low Tox movement. Alexx has been teaching (she holds a certIV in teaching and training), and training people for over 20 years across 3 industries. Developing people’s skills and literacy around something and moving them from knowledge to know-how is her passion – you probably know this if you’ve done one of her courses! Alexx’s mission with this course is to help people realize their potential to create change in their communities in order to create a world where people and the planet thrive.

How Can Certified Low Tox Coaches Support Me and My Community?

The beauty of this certification is that it can span across various industries, professions and services. You can trust that people with the Low Tox certification have a deep and sound understanding of what products and services are deemed 100% safe to use, but that’s not all. Certified Low Tox Coaches are also taught about the importance of education, guidance, care and support. They are here to help you move forward with your goals to living a toxin-free life at a pace that suits you and your financial means.

You might find certified coaches doing any of the below:

  • Running Low Tox businesses and services (hair salons, beauty treatments/spas, in-home cleaning).
  • Selling Low Tox approved products.
  • Creating online courses and/or running online webinars/coaching calls.
  • Offering in-house Low Tox kitchen/pantry/cleaning cupboard makeovers to help you detoxify your home and living spaces.
  • Providing guidance if you or loved ones need extra care due to illness and want to eliminate the toxic burden surrounding you/them.
  • Offering group workshops/coaching on specific topics eg; natural DIY beauty or switching to whole foods.

These are just some of the areas that you might see the certification badge. Rest assured, these passionate coaches know their stuff!

To learn more about our successful graduates, you can see them all in our coaching directory. 

Low Tox. Happy Bodies. Happy Planet!