What is the Organic Acid Test or OAT

What is the organic acid test or OAT?

It’s a pee test – Your pee literally takes a trip all the way to the USA and back and then gets analysed in depth for hours – It’s very important pee you know!

I like to spread awareness on this test because I see so many people struggling with vague symptoms. I’ve been there. It’s frustrating having no idea what you’re fixing, what’s working, what’s not or if you’re really feeling an improvement after the years you’ve been trying to sort things out.

This test helps get clarity. You can stab in the dark with Drs and supplements and holistic practitioner therapies for years and never get to the bottom of what’s wrong.

Best news is you don’t need to be in Sydney. You can be anywhere in the world and benefit from this incredible test from Great Plains Laboratories


What is the Organic Acid Test?

The Organic Acid Test OAT, measures chemicals related to the energy production in our energy centers, called Mitochondria.

Energy is produced through proteins, fats and/or carbohydrates.

Any organ or system needs energy to function – brain, kidneys, skin, digestive tract, endocrine system, liver, immune system and so on.

By measuring certain organic acids we can actually observe how this process works, and which chemicals have an abnormal quantity.

Abnormal quantities are linked with missing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, foods sources or because of the presents of pathogens, heavy metals, toxins or genetic disabilities.

This is why the OAT is a wonderful tool to find many diseases, which other techniques cannot.

Based on the information revealed we can determine exactly which vitamins, minerals and types of foods are actually needed – no stabbing in the dark at symptoms, but treatment in direct correlation with results.


When is it a good idea for someone to consider this test on their healing journey?

The best time is as soon as possible. The earlier the better…If you have a chronic issue then everything becomes more complex and difficult to heal. Of course any time is still better if you haven’t caught something early. Knowing exactly what you’re dealing with means a much better chance of successful treatment – conventional or holistic.

The below conditions benefit from the OAT as a tool to help the practitioner to find the best treatment plan. The OAT will detect genetic inabilities as well.

  • When your blood tests keep coming back as normal but you don’t feel right
  • Accelerated ageing
  • Allergies
  • Anaemia
  • Autism
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Chemical sensitivity
  • Depression
  • Dermatitis
  • Fatigue
  • Hyperactivity
  • Insomnia
  • IBS, malabsorption & maldigestion
  • Mental or developmental delay
  • Mood disorders
  • Muscle pain
  • Seizures
  • The ‘I’ve tried everything else’ case that desperately wants answers
  • Autoimmune and more

It is not a food sensitivity test.

What are some of the most common findings in terms of ‘answers’ for people who take the test?

  • Discovering their body’s ability to break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Read about this fascinating case HERE.
  • Answers to the above conditions
  • Finding of levels of common chemicals such as phthalates
  • Seeing your serotonin and dopamine levels
  • Leaky gut diagnosis
  • How to help the person recover from these conditions
  • How to help to improve symptoms if they are a genetic disorder case
  • Supporting chronic disorders which then cannot be expected to bounce back completely or ‘soon’ because the person suffered already for 10 or 20 years and the total system adjusted by then to the “normal” abnormal health condition.The body would think “hey, I do not want to become unhealthy, out of balance”, …because the body thinks after 10 or 20 years that the disease is normal by now. These are longer cases of healing.


The OAT cannot be done in Australia, no lab is that advanced here. So it has to be shipped to the USA and then the results come back to Australia to your practitioner (or to the US if you’re there).

A small snapshot of graphs (about 1/5th of the full test)

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.10.08 am


So where to from here?

If you’ve been struggling with your health for a while and are looking to find some answers, then this test will guarantee you clarity and plenty of information for a firm course of action to be taken.

Get in touch with your practitioner to order the test through Great Plains Labs.


If this helps just one person out there, then that’s why I’m sharing news on this test. It is not a paid post or an endorsement and I do not earn any kickbacks on people who book the test.

Best of health to you,


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  1. Hi there. My Doctor has just got me to order one these of test’s from Research Nutrition, and they only charge $325 (including shipping). Thought that might be helpful info for some. 🙂 Lizzy xo

    1. Post

      Thanks Lizzy – The skill in Martin when he used to do them (sadly he’s had to move back to Germany with a sick parent to be with) is his biochem phd meant he was able to extract incredible meaning from them compared to the average interpretation… Not to worry though, I will be changing the available reference seeing your comment pop up so that people know where / how to get them. Hope you found it a useful test x

  2. Can anyone recommend where to do this test? I can’t find any practitioners nearby who could interpret this for me

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  3. Hi there is this test still only available in the USA?
    If so where in Australia is it done successfully?
    How have people progressed with their problems after doing OAT TESTING?
    I have had my problem over 20years n just come across this. I was tossing up between the OAT or MICROBIOME TESTING!!!

    1. Post

      Hey Dora – You can request an OAT test through your naturopath or integrative doctor here in Australia, no probs. Very easy to get now. Ideally people can get both – I know that OAT pricing has come down since I published this article a decade ago, so it’s around 500-600 through a naturopath. Hope that helps x

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