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Easy Gluten Free Birthday Cake Recipe

Servings: 20 people


  • 200 g butter
  • 5 eggs
  • 2/3 cup coconut flour
  • 1 cup tapioca flour
  • 1/3 cup other gluten free flour that’s medium bodied OR 1/3 cup cocoa powder for chocolate version (buckwheat, teff, quinoa, amaranth or sorghum… they’ll all do just fine)
  • 2 tsp vanilla paste or powder
  • 300 ml (10 ounces) rice malt syrup
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp bicarb soda
  • 3 tsp apple cider vinegar


  • 100 ml coconut cream
  • 50 ml water
  • 2 tbsp tapioca flour
  • 120 g butter, room temperature
  • 140 g organic golden icing sugar (you could just blitz 140g sugar into a blender on high for 10 seconds or TM for 10 seconds speed 9 for icing sugar consistency).
  • 1 tsp vanilla powder or paste
  • 3 tsp lime juice


  • Preheat oven to 180C / 350F (not 250C and then forget to turn it down, as I did with the first effort of this cake. Shhhh. She’s not perfect!)
  • Melt butter in a pan and leave to cool as you get the rest of the ingredients together
  • Whisk eggs with electric beaters until light
  • Add syrup. Whisk them some more
  • Add flours, vanilla, baking powder, bicarb soda and apple cider vinegar
  • Lastly add melted butter and whisky through until creamy and let it stand for 2 minutes
  • Grease your parchment paper and line your large tin. Pour the mixture in
  • Cook on 180C / 350F for 35-40 minutes. Just do a skewer test to check if it comes out clean in the middle, then you’re done. If not, check again in 5-10 minutes.


  • Melt butter for 2 minutes on varoma, speed 1. Add everything and the EGGS LAST. Blitz on 6 for 15 seconds. Then on reverse speed 6 for another 15 seconds. Rest for 2 minutes. Ready to pour.

For the ICING

  • Warm coconut cream and water until it bubbles a little
  • Whisk in the tapioca flour until it thickens and cook for 1 minute, continuing to whisk
  • Pour into a bowl and then pop in fridge to cool
  • 1 hour later…
  • Whisk the butter until light and fluffy (thermomix speed 7, 20 seconds)
  • Add sugar bit by bit and then lastly add the vanilla paste, lime juice and coconut milk / tapioca mixutre, Whisk until smooth (electric whisker or thermomix speed 6, 40 seconds)
  • Pop in fridge to harden a little before icing.
  • Once you’ve iced the cake pop it in fridge to set a little.
  • NOTE: It has about half the sugar of a regular icing for that size of cake, so it won’t ‘set’ perfectly with a little crust as a normal icing sugar cake does. BUT it isn’t runny and it’s yummy and per slice, keeps the sugar surprisingly low at 6 grams for a little 3cm cubed piece.