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Choose Your Own Adventure Lunchbox Bar Recipe

Cook Time20 mins
Total Time20 mins


  • 2 cups small bits Seeds, crushed nuts if you’re allowed (not whole or too chunky), buckwheat kernels, desiccated coconut (I used a cup of a seed mix and a cup of a granola sample I’d received. There were all sorts of things in both)
  • 2/3 cups grainy bits quinoa flakes, oats (if gluten is ok for you), cooked brown rice all as examples (I used quinoa flakes)
  • 1/2 cup melted coconut oil or butter
  • 1/3 cup rice malt, maple or honey (If you you want the bar to crisp up and hold in a harder style, do 1/2 cup.)
  • 2 tsp sweet spices (cinnamon, mixed gingerbread spice, vanilla bean powder) These when rotated will give a different vibe to it each time)
  • 2 tbsp ground flaxmeal + 4 tbsp water, mixed into a gel (sit for a minute before adding to bowl) Flaxseed binder


  • 3 tbsp Add cocoa / cacao / carob powder and reduce grainy bits to 1/2 cup.
  • 1/4 cup Add dried fruit of choice
  • 3 tbsp Add protein powder of your choice and reduce grainy bits to 1/2 cup
  • 2 cups whatever’s lying around in the seedy, nutty, coconutty department


  • Preheat oven to 180C / 350C
  • Mix your flax seed meal and water together and sit it for a minute
  • Mix all other ingredients well into a bowl, by hand.
  • Add flax mix and mix through well.
  • Line a small baking tray with parchment paper.
  • Spread bar out to about a 1cm thickness into the tray. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big tray, it won’t ‘sprawl’.
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes until well toasted.
  • Take out of oven and mark your bar marks with a good knife but don’t break apart or remove from tray.
  • Cool completely. The bars are ready to enjoy. How yummy does this minimal effort look, right?