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Double Decker Chocolate Bar Recipe

Cook Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins


Equipment needed

  • 1 pc Narrow stainless tin and a little freezer space that’s even height to pop it in (I use the tin from my stainless ice cube tray – yes it’s expensive but you won’t have to buy it again! That’s the way I look at stuff. Buy less often and buy better).
  • 1 little Freezer space that’s even height to pop it in (I use the tin from my stainless ice cube tray – yes it’s expensive but you won’t have to buy it again! That’s the way I look at stuff. Buy less often and buy better).

Main ingredients

  • 250 g desiccated coconut (FULL FAT) OR for a short cut, buy some Loving Earth coconut butter. Desiccated coconut transformation is SO much less expensive though! Different brands will and won’t work for this. Look for a brand where the desiccated coconut is almost ‘wet’ looking / feeling, rather than super dry and light. I use NIU LIFE brand and the Loving Earth shredded coconut works really well too. Report back on your favourite brand for making coconut butter!
  • 1 pc vanilla bean split carefully in half and then scraped so you keep just the beans. You could use a teaspoon of vanilla bean powder or paste too but NOT extract. Extract would make it bitter as it’s not being cooked through.
  • 120 g coconut oil
  • 50 g cocoa powder (either Dutch processed OR raw cacao. Whichever you prefer)
  • 60 g rice malt syrup (OR TO TASTE) for fructose free / FODMAPPERS OR 40g honey for GAPS followers. The choice is yours!


  • For the WHITE LAYER
  • Put your desiccated coconut in the food processor and set it to go. It will eventually emulsify and time taken to do so depends on machine. Some food processors take as long as 15 minutes to get this happening, so it’s a good opportunity to get on with some veggie chopping or meal prep of some other kind while in the kitchen keeping an eye. Scrape down the sides of the processor a couple of times.
  • THERMOMIX USERS: Blend on speed 8/9 for 3 minutes with 2 scrap downs in between those minutes.
  • Once you’ve got the liquidy consistency, set it aside.
  • Did your coconut butter not turn to liquid no matter how long you went for? As mentioned initially, it could be because of the way it was produced with too much of its oils taken out. Niulife brand has worked for me every single time, where others have been precarious. If you use a consistently successful brand, leave a comment with the brand that works, for others to see. Jude Blereau as Angela has commented below, suggests if you have a thermomix, heating it to 37C while blending to encourage the release of the oils. Failing that, to avoid wasting it, I suggest blending with a little melted coconut oil, melted cocoa butter (say 40g) a tablespoon of honey / maple or rice malt syrup and some vanilla bean (fresh or powder) and setting that as your white layer. Sure, it will be a little different, but at least it won’t go to waste!


  • Clean out your food processor roughly with a spatula and pour in your ingredients – the cocoa powder, the coconut oil, the vanilla bean and the syrup or honey. If the coconut oil is solid, melt it first in a saucepan (OR in the Thermomix, do a quick minute, speed 2, 100C before putting the other ingredients in)
  • Process for 30 seconds until ultra smooth (TM speed 6, 15 secs)
  • Now pour it into your moulds / tray and set in the freezer for 15 minutes.
  • Once it’s set, pour the coconut butter layer over and set for a further 15 and then transfer to fridge. It won’t last long out of the fridge before softening, so it’s best eaten at home, after a gorgeous dinner with friends, after lunch, or in cute shapes and forms for the kids at a play date for lasting and delicious sustenance.
  • TO pop it out of the tin, it will literally just pop out as it did for me. If you’re using a receptacle that you’re not sure about, use parchment paper to line the tin / tray to be safe.
  • To serve for the grown ups, turn it out and sprinkle a few grains of high quality sea salt – see that? We’re adding trace minerals to it now too. It just gets better and better!
  • And here is the food porn unfolding. Such a simple set of ingredients. Such a beautiful result. Please make this soon so I can share in the deliciousness with you!


NOTE: You could, once the coconut butter is liquified, blend a touch of your sweetener into it if you are ‘weaning’ family members or yourself off super sweet chocolate. No trouble. Just pop a tablespoon into the coconut butter mix.