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Super Simple Salmon Cakes



  • Pop zucchini in a food processor and blitz OR grate it. Then remove and squeeze out the water from them with a tea towel around it all- watery fish cakes aren’t cool, so really put your back into this step and get that water out!
  • Then pop in your purple onion, herbs, garlic cloves, salmon, coconut flour, eggs and salt into a large food processor or thermomix until well combined, then add back the zucchini.
  • Turn on frying pan to medium, with your oil, topping up with a little more oil if you strt to run low.
  • Chop some greens of your choosing – peas, snow peas, broccoli, bok choy, asparagus… and have them ready for steaming, when you pop your salmon cakes on.
  • Now grab salmon mixture and form 1.5 inch round balls and roll briefly through the flour to seal them.
  • Place them in the pan and flatten with a spatula, cooking 2 minutes both sides and popping in a 180C / 350C oven for keeping hot between batches.
  • The greens should be on at same time now, to have everything ready together and hot.
  • Voila. Once all done, pour the steamed veg into the saucepan, and add a good lashing of coconut oil or butter for vitamin absorption (and flavour!) and I love chopped mint through the greens with salmon, but you could do coriander, parsley or dill too. Serve to your hungry hoards. They’ll love it!