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Turmeric Movie Popcorn Recipe



  • 1 big stainless pot or large crock pot (Le Creuset / Le Chasseur type thing) with a LID

Main Ingredients


  • Heat your pot on high with the LID at the ready, and the macadamia / coconut oil.
  • Once it’s super hot, tip in your popcorn. Move it around so it’s well coated by the oil.
  • Close the lid and turn down from HI to MED / HI.
  • Let it pop pop pop away and the second it starts to slow down, turn the stove off. This way you’ll prevent burnt popcorn.
  • Open the lid once it’s almost stopped
  • Force the butter down towards to bottom so it melts well and start stirring it through along with the turmeric.
  • Salt to taste