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2 Ingredient Gluten free nan / roti / wrap / flatbread

These 2 Ingredient gluten free flatbreads are super yummy and you can make a double or triple batch and freeze either the raw balls in a container or the finished flatbread separated by baking paper so they don't stick together.
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Servings: 4 people
Cost: $3-4


  • Well seasoned non-stick cast iron pan or ceramic non-stick pan
  • Rolling pin (or I used a tall bottle of olive oil instead as I made these up while in an air bnb!)
  • Big chopping board or a marble/granite benchtop for rolling



  • Boil 1 medium sweet potato whole with the skin on, in a saucepan.
  • Once it is tender to fork into the middle, remove from the boiling water and cool a little but you still want it to be very warm when it comes to mashing it and making the flour. So about 5 minutes so that it's not super hot to remove the skin.
  • Carefully peel off all of the skin and cut off any rough endy bits or bumps
  • Mash the sweet potato
  • Measure out a cup of mashed sweet potato - if you have enough for two cups consider double batching and freezing a few little balls for a later deliciousness!
  • Pop 1 cup of the GF flour mix you're using and the 1 cup of warm mashed sweet potato into a bowl, adding the salt if you're using.
  • Get messy and mix it together until JUST mixed. If you overwork it, it can make it a little dry. If it is super sticky at this stage for whatever reason and feels too 'wet' and mashy, add another tablespoon flour to the mix and incorporate until it feels like a super light dough.
  • Preheat a frying pan to high with a tsp olive oil or ghee. When it reaches a little smoke point, reduce it to medium heat, ready for frying. If you have two great low tox non stick pans, I use two pans for this recipe so that I can go a bit faster! Add a teaspoon of chosen oil each time.
  • Now break off roughly equal parts of the dough into 3 cm diameter balls and dust them so they have a flour coating and are ready to roll
  • Oil your rolling pin and roll out a ball once one way, once turning the disc 90 degrees and rolling it out the other way and then roll out until it's about 2-3 mm thick and whatever size you can manage to pick up and pop into pan (I do a soft taco size if you can picture that, about 15cm diameter) I use a big wide metal flat spatula to pick up and plop down onto the pan's surface
  • Pop it on to cook, 1 minute per side, 2 side flips each, and get onto rolling out the next one ready to go! As each is cooked store it in a tea towel inside a bowl to keep from drying out or getting cold. I like to also keep this in a low 100C oven as long as it's not got open flames and NOT touching element. Please be careful.
  • Keep doing this until you've cooked them all. Voila! The first time will feel fiddly and the second time will feel MUCH more fluent, I promise.
  • Serve with curry, soup, middle eastern spread of hummus and falafel, cool and keep in fridge to use as a wrap over a couple of days or do as I did this morning, reheat and serve with a fried egg and wilted spinach for breakky.


FRIDGE: You can refrigerate cooked ones and use over the next two days. A quick reheat on a pan a few seconds per side or cold as a wrap. Either way works. 
FREEZER: You can freeze the balls of 'dough' and defrost and roll out + cook at a later date - hooray! When you defrost them, I find they need a half teaspoon of flour added to them before dusting to roll. To freeze them, roll them and dust them with flour, then arrange them into a glass container and freeze. Defrost overnight in the fridge or on the countertop for an hour before dusting and rolling out to cook. 
PRO TIP: For some reason, using cold mash makes the flatbread/nan/roti dry. Warm when you're making the dough seems key to a yummy result. 
I can't wait to see yours!