“These changes really are achievable and easy to implement and it feels like there is such a feeling of positive energy to this process thanks to Alexx's relaxed and encouraging approach. Also, as others have mentioned before me, I'm so glad it's really affordable as if it had been at a higher price point I probably wouldn't have joined this journey - but I'm soooo glad I did.”
- Angela Little

“Alexx Stuart you are a godsend. No way could I get my head around all this. Love all the info from you and everyone involved. It is a big tangled spider web out there. Finally some of the web is untangling. ”
- Carolyn Bowden

“Hi all, I'm loving this fabulous course. Thanks Alexx Stuart you are amazing. Our world is a better place with you and us in it. ”
- Monique Cronshaw

“Thanking Alexx for the amazing, empowering healing journey we are on. One person, one household, one village at a time. We can change the world. ”
- Gypsy R

“I get through the supermarket so quickly as I hardly buy anything except my organic milk, butter, tomatoes,and feel quite pleased with myself that I don't need to look at all the rubbish on o er. I have a trained eye now and grab the ‘good stu ’ we’re learning about here mostly from the awesome online
recommendations - easy! ”
- Samantha Whittaker

I'm loving all of this information, advice and wisdom. Thanks everyone for all of your input and particularly Alexx Stuart for creating such an awesome course and network.

- Rebecca Blackwood


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