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Show #231 – Food Sovereignty with Farmer and Author, Tammi Jonas

April 19, 2021

Show #230 – Having Stuff Without Breaking the Planet With Prof Sandra Goldmark

April 12, 2021

Show #229 – Jarvis Smith: Global Change Through Business and Publishing

April 5, 2021

Show #228 – Ashok Gupta: How Brain Retraining Leads to Health and Happiness

March 29, 2021

Show #227 – Dr John Demartini: Stop Hiding From Yourself and Start Living Your Highest Value

March 22, 2021

Show #226 – The Psychology of Grief with Psychologist, Amanda Gordon

March 15, 2021

Show #225 – Dr Jade Teta: What Does It Mean To Be A Next Level Human

March 8, 2021

Show #224 – Talking Pleasure with Jia Dr Gottlieb

March 1, 2021

Show #223 – Dr Perry Nickelston – Stop Chasing Pain

February 22, 2021

Show #222 – Dr Beth O’Hara: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

February 15, 2021

Show #221 – Dr Alan Christianson – Can We Reset Our Thyroid?

February 8, 2021

Show #220 – Dr Rosalba Courtney: The Magic of Breathing Optimally

February 1, 2021

Show #219 – The Body Electric with Dr Melina Roberts

January 25, 2021

Show #218 – Dr Carrie Jones on Mitochondria, Hormones and Celebrations

December 21, 2020

Show #217 – Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking on Deep Healing through Food

December 14, 2020

Show #216 – Weleda – Planet Stewardship through Business with Annette Piperidis

December 7, 2020

Show #215 – Building a true Eco Home with Blue Eco Homes

November 30, 2020

Show #214 – The Conscious Builder: Making Conscious Decisions Around Your Home Renovation and Build

November 30, 2020

Show #213 – Ashok Gupta: Heal by Retraining your Brain

November 23, 2020

Show #212 – Jane Milburn: Reducing Planet Impact from your Closet

November 16, 2020

Show #211 – The Jewelry Industry with Pyrrha Jewelry Founder Danielle Wilmore

November 9, 2020

Show #210 – Building an Ethical Denim Brand with James Bartle of Outland Denim

November 1, 2020

Show #209 – Wade Lightheart: From Mr Universe to Optimal Health Pioneer

October 26, 2020

Show #208 – Making the most of your dreams with Eric Tyrone Brown

October 19, 2020