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Show #289 – Shanya Suppasiritad On How Fashion Can Be Exciting AND Sustainable

June 27, 2022

Show #288 – Water Damage, ERMI Testing And All Things Mould With Michael Rubino, The Mold Medic

June 20, 2022

Show #287 – Dr. Gary Kaplan: Why You’re Still Sick And How To Get Better

June 13, 2022

Show #286 – Josette Tkacik: A Story Of Determination And Self Healing

June 6, 2022

Show #285 – Hair Accessories Get A Planet-friendly Makeover with Kooshoo

May 30, 2022

Show #284 – Discovered Wildfoods – Wild Game For Healthier People and Planet?

May 23, 2022

Show #283 – Mark Henry On Designing A Brighter Future

May 16, 2022

Show #282 – Rafaele Joudry: Is Sound Therapy The Missing Piece In Your Healing?

May 9, 2022

Show #281 – Dr. Cody Hanish On Stress, Movement, Patterns Of Habits, Posture, And Tech

May 2, 2022

Show #280 – Holistic Healing of People and Planet with Biodynamics Farmer, David McFall

April 25, 2022

Show #279 – Kylie Butler On Confronting And Moving Beyond Addiction

April 18, 2022

Show #278 – Are Physical Symptoms An Invitation To Explore How To Get Back To Homeostasis? Dr John Demartini Helps Us Unpack It

April 11, 2022

Show #277 – Neuroinflammation and Mental Health with Brendan Vermeire

April 4, 2022

Show #276 – Roots and Rituals with Becca Piastrelli

March 28, 2022

Show #275 – What Practising Simplicity Means With Jodi Wilson

March 21, 2022

Show #274 – Terramation: Turning Death Into Life with Micah Truman and Brie Smith

March 14, 2022

Show #273 – Professor Maurie Cohen Explores Systems Change Options As We Search For A Healthier People and Planet

March 7, 2022

Show #272 – City Living? Permaculture Is Still Possible With Nicole Schauder

February 28, 2022

Show #271 – Melanie Salmon: Healing Trauma with QEC

February 21, 2022

Show #270 – Marci Zaroff on Building the Ecorenaissance

February 14, 2022

Show #269 – The Playlist for Your Best Life with Dr Joseph Cardillo

February 8, 2022

Show #268 – Dr Stephen Cabral on Harnessing the Best Tools for Whole Body Health

February 2, 2022

Show #267 – Step into YOU with Lorraine Murphy

January 24, 2022

Show #266 – Alexx with Mental Health First Aid Specialist Pippa Baker on End of Year Challenges and Thriving Through Them

December 20, 2021