Get a personalised + signed copy of Low Tox Life Food -  my 2nd book to help you upskill your cooking vocab, waste less, ditch processed food + embrace regenerative agriculture. All recipes gluten free + a book that unified ALL food eaters in our common overlaps.


Get a personalised + signed copy of Low Tox Life, my first book and a 10 x best seller. Your ultimate handbook for reducing toxins in your every day life for a healthier you, and a happy planet. Open a page, find a helpful list, recipe or idea + off you go!

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The Low Tox Life Courses - A pioneer in low tox education, I launched our first course, Go Low Tox in 2014 - Since then, 9 more courses have joined the stable to help you achieve your goals and support your needs.

Real Treats E-book (Kindle)

Real Treats E-book (PDF)

Celebrate E-book (PDF)

Low Tox Life Surgery Guide (E-Book) - This is a collaboration between naturopaths, paediatricians and myself as a qualified health coach, to help you have a successful pre and post surgery recovery process, minimising stress and impact on the body, complete with dietary, supplement and therapeutic recovery recommendations.

Low Tox Life Gift Voucher - Give the gift of one of our courses to a friend or family member to help them achieve their low tox goals.

Getting excited about Greens - A delicious handbook - Sometimes you just need a bigger food vocab to get excited about cooking food and greens tends to inspire the least, so arm yourself with loads of practical, simple ways to make your greens exciting - even for fussy eaters!

Fussy Eating Bundle: Turn Fussy Eating Around! This resource will arm you with countless ways to remedy fussy eating in your home for any aged child. It is the culmination of a huge body of work by fellow health coach Brenda Janschek and I, to tackle one of the greatest health issues of our time and help you set up your child for life!

Easy Read Recipes - Alexx's best-of recipes in an easy-read format. What does that mean? Well, in collaboration with Leanne Foreman who formats recipes for people with dyslexia and neurodivergence, this E-Book will help people who find following recipes hard - that includes teens! Share the load with your whole household with everyone now able to navigate what to do with ease!