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Introducing the Low Tox Club 2.0! We've extended it beyond being a chat group for podcast listeners, supporting us with a monthly pledge, and created a space to support your goals as you travel along the low tox life. This is a space for Low Tox Life Podcast listeners, loyal readers and newbies to the site who are looking for an online hub to guide and support their low tox goals and enjoy a safe cvhat space with like-minded folk. AND? It's only $49AUD per year (about $29US/27EUR/23pounds at the time of publication).



Monthly Q&A + Course Discounts

You'll have access to my monthly Q&A in the group, run as a live session where you can chat with me, add questions and I share a bit about what's happening on the podcast, in life and our world - never short of things to talk about, right? Your discount to Low Tox Courses sits at to 50% all year round (excluding Thrive & Low Tox Method). You'll have access to this promotion once you join. This effectively means doing just one of our $98 or more courses, you get the club membership for a year included, if that makes sense, as each would be $49. True story. I want this club to be big and bountiful; to have lots of people in it supporting each other. I've always been about volume over big price tags keeping quality support out of people's reach, so this is our way of achieving that for you by making it a big no brainer! You receive your discount code on the club sign up thank you page. 

3 Day "Boosts" 

Instead of "7-day challenges", in these busy lives where there's challenge aplenty,  we're introducing a 3-day 'Boost' each month, which will serve to encourage us all to achieve what's personally important to us at the time, whatever that is. Sometimes we'll collaborate and all do the same thing, sometimes it will be a theme to choose something of your own to do. These are not assignments, they are merely suggestions to help you focus some attention back on yourself. 

Access to the Low Tox Club Facebook group

The overwhelming feedback on the club group is the accepting, non-judgemental and can-do vibes in there and it's a testament to each of the amazing members already in there, co-creating that vibe. Everyone's best looks different depending on stage, budget, time, access and level of understanding of the variety of low tox topics, so consider this a place to lift each other up and be accepted for who you are. You're going to love it! The fact that the club has the small membership charge, means we filter out and protect ourselves from being invaded by trolls and extremists and it truly is a great chat space without the negative vibes of the general internet! 

Mindfulness Support

You'll have a special low tox mind/self-care expert guest to soothe, guide through meditation or provide clarity. This will be live on the club wall and we will alternate a during-the-day / evening option so that every second month all time zones have live access. Note: everyone can go back and watch this too, you don't need to be there live to benefit.

Practitioner Guidance

The Practitioner guidance thread each week with our in house Naturopath, Steph Hinton, which you can find by searching the club group with the hashtag #practitionerQ. Once a week on either a Tuesday or Wednesday at 2 pm, Steph helps you workshop any health challenges or questions, to help you arrive at your answers faster with your own practitioner or to help quell stress about something that will be just fine. You can type your question in the support thread anytime of the week, and Steph will address it in her hours in session each week. Whatever you're finding tricky to navigate, this is your thread to support you and will be worth your membership alone even if you only have a question or two throughout the year, given the cost of seeing practitioners privately. Thank you, Steph for being a legend and supporting Club members.

An Online Dashboard

As of May, your monthly 'pack' will be available online through your personal Club dashboard. The Low Tox Club will have a button in there too so you don't need to trawl through the Facebook group to put your finger on something you're looking for. It will also include an audio version of the month's resources, read out by me personally so that if you're a laundry-fold-and-listen type, you don't have to read, you can listen to me talk to the month's club tools instead!


Here's a sample of the April Club Book and topic - Thriving through periods of stress and anxiety! 


A Chance To Build A Club You Love!

You have this bountiful monthly set of resources in your club pack, but you'll also have the chance to offer us realtime feedback in our regular club surveys. We want to make sure we're giving you exactly what you want and need. Clubbers who are passionate about certain topics will also be invited for chats with Alexx in the group. We want to ensure it's all the voices heard.

Are you excited?

I'm excited. We want to support you as you support us to keep delivering resources across all Low tox platforms, as well as all these extras just for our clubbers. Never before has a like-minded community that is kind, compassionate and positive been so important in the online space and I can't wait to personally welcome you there! 

To join the Low Tox Club for a special one-time early-bird payment of $49 click the button below! Your annual membership will not increase in the years to come, as a thank you for being a part of the beginnings. See you there!

Low Tox. Happy Bodies. Happy Planet.