The body is a BIG topic within the low tox life. In this section you’ll find all the resources you need to create a strong, resilient, thriving body.

From DIY recipes, body products suggestions, online courses covering inflammation or pre-conception, articles on how to lower endocrine disrupting chemical levels around our homes and in our body products, podcast topics that cover all sorts of incredible holistic therapies I’ve discovered along the way and my own journey recovering from toxic mould exposure in a water damaged building.

Whether it’s finding a gorgeous DIY body scrub to gift as a present, or an online course to support you on your journey to conceive a beautiful healthy baby, everyone will find something useful in here depending on what your goals are in the moment. Have a dig around and enjoy the resources.


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More resources on the BODY can be found HERE: Alexx's how-to's and lifestyle articles and HERE: DIY recipes (cleaning and personal care).


Click on each article below to access information on how to go low tox with your BODY: