6 eco ideas for keeping your hands warm

You might be thinking “why is she wanting to help me keep my hands warm all of a sudden?”

Well, I saw these today at the ‘impulse buy’ eyeball position at the post office.

hand warmers


These “instant hand warmers”, enough for two hands in two pockets for the day, have come all the way from the USA, wrapped in plastic and are non degradeable themselves. They are sold as a ‘convenient quick way to get warm’ and it got me thinking… Have we really become so convenience driven and busy that we’ve forgotten how to warm up our hands?

It spurred me to create a little list as we move into the cooler part of the year here.

  1. 20 star jumps. Half the time our hands (and feet) are cold, is because we’re not moving around enough – Too much time at the computer or sat watching something, stops the blood from pumping around us and causes cold in the body’s extremities. 20 star jumps is about the quickest way I know to get warm – plus you offset some of the negative effects of being sedentary too long!
  2. Buy a pair of gloves. There are so many gorgeous gloves – Why not invest in a pair of gloves made from natural fibres and materials like wool, cashmere or leather? They won’t just last you a day – they’ll last you years! You can get a couple of different shades and styles to go casual or dressy. Look at these gorgeous ones from the etsy store MARESHOP – So cute! warm hands
  3. Hug a mug of hot tea. Is there anything simpler and more enjoyable as a means to slow down, relax and warm up?
  4. Stay well hydrated in general – Good hydration means you get good blood flow to your digits
  5. Really really persistent cold hands? Get your thyroid checked. It can be a sign of thyroid issues – we can go years with health issues that we ‘bandaid’, never really looking for the root cause. Worth a yearly bloods test to see, and remember TSH alone gives us not an aweful lot to go by – TSH, T3, T4 and antibodies at a minimum, should all be checked according to my naturopath and doctor, every couple of years.
  6. Get a wheat bag – That old microwave that doesn’t get a work out any more is still good for something if you still have one.

Oh, and you could switch the heater on to warm your room up a bit. Just a thought. Or you could get shagadelic with your partner. Too much? You decide.


We low tox foxes won’t be fooled by such silly, wasteful craziness, sold as a convenient modern day comfort. It’s time to push past the marketing or the immediate desire to get warm and impulse buy such a thing – Get thee to etsy to support an artisan glove maker for gloves to last you years. Something precious, carefully chosen will make you feel a million times better for many cold seasons to come, long past the 10 hour quickie you’ll get from these weirdo packets of fakeness.

Low Tox. Happy You. Happy Planet.

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  1. Those crochet gloves from Etsy are beautiful! Another tip – learn to crochet (or knit). It’s so simple & there are tonnes of you tube tutorials. It’s one of my favourite ways to unwind and zone out (and keep my hands warm) on chilly nights, before bedtime.

    1. Post

      Hi there, this was 5 years ago and we did try to link, however, your Etsy link that you share on your Facebook page comes up as an unsafe connection, so sorry. If you could give us a safe link we will update the link in the post.

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