Real Treats (PDF ebook)



Hello! I created this book because I am a passionate real foodist and want to help in this era of crazy, degenerative illness in our world. The number one people fear when they are told to quit junk, or avoid gluten for their intolerance or coeliac disease or whatever else they have to ‘cut out’, is that sweet treats must end. It simply isn’t the case. You’ve just got to learn a new vocab! Inside, you’ll, find 68 recipes from me – 30 of which aren’t on my blog! The recipes cover

  • Breakfast
  • Snacks – Slices, bars, biscuits & raw chocolate
  • Celebrations
  • Dinner party desserts (Cobbler – to die for!)
  • Drinks
  • A comprehensive pantry section to help you ditch what doesn’t serve your body & introduce the delicious things that DO!
  • Thermomix instructions throughout where applicable as well as regular instructions for all recipes

What about your allergies or food preferences? 

The book is

  • 100% gluten free
  • 90% able to be dairy free
  • 95% grain free
  • 100% possible to be fructose free / low fructose options with only 2 recipes calling for dried fruits
  • 100% refined sugar / flour free
  • 80% egg free
  • 85% nut free
  • 100% free from additives (I teach you about ditching those in the pantry section)
  • 100% free from trans fats & vegetable oils such as soy, canola & sunflower
  • 100% delicious – I don’t do non delicious things. I’m half French. It’s not in my DNA to not enjoy food, regardless of dietary challenges that might present themselves.

If you want to save a few dollars and enjoy having a kindle / e reader version, then click through here for the kindle version.

If you fancy being able to print your recipes and scrap book the favourites, as well as receive the full bonus section from these amazing talents, then keep reading or pop through to check out!

Bonus Contributor Section

You’ll also find a bonus contributor section with 8 more recipes, from some of my favourite Real Treats superstar friends –


Who is this book good for? 

  • Those that suffer junk or refined food addiction and guilt patterns
  • People who have intolerance, allergies or preferences when it comes to cutting out major allergens such as gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugars.
  • People who want to understand why junk food is in no way a treat.
  • People who just plain love delicious treats – breakky, snack or show stopping desserts
  • People who are passionate about enjoying treats without the nasties
  • People who want the best for their kids and a nasties free life
  • People who are mindful of fructose consumption. There are a lot of wholefood treats out there packed with dates and loads of maple syrup. That’s fine if it’s every now and then, but for kids lunch boxes and daily ‘treats’, I recommend (on the recommendation of Dr Robert Lustig’s work) a lower fructose approach for anything you eat regularly.

You’ll feel nourished, treated and satisfied and embrace cooking and all the good things it does for your health, your family, and the planet.

Once you’ve been through paypal and grabbed your copy. I really appreciate your support and spreading the word to other people who are after a new approach or some fresh ideas!

The great thing about the pdf, is it’s able to be printed at home and popped in scrap books.

I hope you use the recipes as much as we do here!

Keep changing the world from your kitchen,

Alexx x