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Responsible, empowering education is at the heart of everything I and my team do. Why? Because generally people want to do better by people and planet, but it can be very confusing to navigate what really IS best, and it can be costly to make well-meaning swaps only to find that due to labelling loopholes, they're not ideal. I think everyone's felt guilty or shameful about some diet they've 'failed' in the past or the fact that they're not 'zero waste'.

There's also a lot of unnecessary fear mongering, unsubstantiated claims, black and white extremes online that aren't useful to us in the long game.

So, through my keynotes, workshops and seminars, as well as our courses, podcasts and webinars, we bring education that is responsible, balanced, evidence-based, and exciting - I want audiences and students to leave feeling excited about what they CAN change from today, rather than guilty about everything they have done in the past.

I've listed the ways we can work together and if you've got something else in mind, don't hesitate to get in touch with my team at [email protected].

You can access the media kit HERE.

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Since launching the first E Course in 2014 - Go Low Tox - We've since written 10 more to support you with various health and lifestyle goals you might have, along with my Business-mentoring program, Low Tox Method, to nurture people wanting to create or develop their business in the low tox space - or pivot an existing business to the low tox space. You can find all details about our courses here. 

Group Discounts for Workplaces

Did you know that Absenteeism costs Australian Businesses $44billion per annum (or roughly $3.6K per employee with 9 sick days per person reported on average) and that some of the biggest reasons people call in sick to work are:

  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Period/cycle pain and issues related to hormone health
  • Allergies
  • Burnout that they're too embarrassed to disclose.
  • Anxiety and Depression-related challenges.
  • Fertility challenges and related appointments and symptoms of treatments.

Many of the 10,000 people who've reduced their environmental toxins and upgraded their nutrition and lifestyle habits have reaped the rewards of experiencing significantly fewer issues with their health and fertility - it is a joy to help people do this through education and the practitioners that support the courses with evidence-based Q&A and decades of clinical practice and research experience.

Office groups can get special discounts for making the courses available at their organisation, so please get in touch at [email protected] if you want to offer our courses to your teams.


Speaking and Key Notes

  • Imagine feeling excited not daunted by the plastic pollution or environmental toxin situation.
  • Imagine feeling you've been given the tools, not the sermon.
  • Imagine thinking, 'Wow, I can do this' instead of 'Oh crap, I don't do that'.
  • Imagine the feeling of turning your health around, your family's health too

When I speak, I'm not interested in waffling on technically nor terrifying people. I want to flick the switch of the audience at a deep psychological level to help each of YOU create the change you want and we all need as a society for our health and our planet

The time is now to turn our pantries, food systems, personal care, food culture, environmental choices around. I make it my mission to help people get excited about that and feel really positive and motivated about that with simple, practical and exciting steps - YOUR PACE, YOUR WAY. You'll never hear me prescribe a program, a set way of doing things or a set time frame. Everyone's working with different bodies, parameters, priorities and challenges, and I believe that the best gift we can give ourselves is the acknowledgement that we're doing our best and that WE are our best advice once we tune into our bodies and our instincts again.

If you'd like to sell tickets to an event where I speak and make it a fundraiser, I would be delighted to support your cause as long as the funds are used for real food goals, low tox swaps, waste management initiatives (such as compost or additional recycling streams) or clean outs in your community.

Mum Society


Here is a sample of the organisations and publications I have worked with, written for or presented on to give you the reassurance that I have collaborated with some rather awesome and diverse clients to inspire change across numerous topics. When it comes to getting up in front of your audience, you can trust that we will have a great, inspiring event.



Private Coaching

Health Coaching - 70-minute Zoom Session

Sometimes, you just need a helping hand. You might have questions such as these:

  • Where do I start?
  • What if I couldn't cook in the first place, anyway?
  • I'm overwhelmed. I WANT to go low tox and clean up our foods, ditch junk, but I need practical steps on HOW and tools to see me through!
  • How do I develop a practitioner team for my chronic issue?
  • I don't want to make my own - what cosmetics and cleaning products are SAFE where I live?
  • I'm so confused by all the information out there: what's right for me?

A one-on-one "70 minutes of power" Zoom session is perfect if you need a helping hand and reassurance based on your unique situation. No one or home is hopeless and at the end of the 70 minutes together, you will feel like you are confidently heading off on the right track with a positive frame of mind and a clear set of steps towards achieving your goals.

If you're a busy executive parent thinking 'i don't have time for this' but you're still desperate to get on the bandwagon, I recommend an initial consult with yourself and then that you delegate to your nanny, au pair, cleaner, or another family member who is supporting you to implement the changes you want to.

contact [email protected] to discuss your goals, you could be well on your way to achieving a healthier, happier home without having to sift through a minefield of information.

*Mes consultations peuvent se faire en français, également.

Alexx also offers business coaching for people who want to implement online education in their industry or sector, or for people who want to find their voice, refine their message, and grow a thriving business that does work that matters. Contact [email protected] to discuss.

Real Food & Low Tox - Workshops and Classes

A variety of workshops are available to inspire people to lower their toxic load without feeling inconvenienced nor deprived. I run them at conferences, community events, community centres, private homes, schools or small offices.

My goal is to help people dig within and find the true justifications they need to create lasting change in these areas. This ain't no fad. This is for our survival for generations to come, as well as for that of our planet's.

The mega bonus? This lifetime we've been given is richer, purer, less guilt ridden and absolutely delicious!

Download my most popular speaker topics and rate card HERE

Office Lunch and Learns

Want to ensure your staff is healthier, happier, and more energetic?

Often, people go through their whole life not knowing how great they can feel and a huge part of that is due to the fact that in the last 70 years, over 45,000 chemicals have been man invented and many of those are in our food, on our skin and throughout our homes and offices. We're overloaded and our bodies are getting more and more sluggish as time goes on - they're literally fed up!

These masterclasses/lunch and learns are an uplifting look at the steps we can all take TODAY to decrease our toxic loads and increase our vitality - without deprivation and without having to resort to tasteless food as the 90s made us do (thank god that's over!)

Inspire and energise your staff with a series of 3 hours of power over a year, to tackle different aspects of our modern busy lives where we can shift our spend and organise ourselves, to get the most out of life while at work and at play!

Change minds. Create momentum. Inspire action. Empower.

Contact [email protected] to discuss.

Corporate Environment Consulting - The Office Detox

What is your corporate environment like?

How many toxins are your staff exposed to - in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, at their desks? Could people have less sick days and perform with better focus than they do now, with changes to the office environment?

If you want to get serious about becoming an organisation that cares for your staff's wellbeing at the deepest level, then this consultation and office detox is essential.

Myself and a qualified building biologist undertake research on the entire environment, offering a number of analyses and readings.

Based on our findings we suggest short term and longer term modifications to lower the toxic load of your office environment.

This is ideally coupled with one of my masterclasses and a guest naturopath and building biologist as a series of 3 lunch and learns, to ensure your team and organisation understand YOUR care for them and making the office environment healthy as well as for their personal knowledge and wellbeing in their lives away from work.

I work with the best team of specialists on this for incredible results.

Contact [email protected] to discuss your organisation's needs.

School Talks and Workshops

I've spoken at a number of preschools and schools over the years.

For earlier childhood, we can tailor the talk to being an interactive presentation about "Where do additives come from" to help children understand the source of synthetic dyes and preservatives added to foods to make them unnatural or we can do a super simple "Plastics in the ocean" awareness talk, helping children understand the impact that leaving rubbish on the ground has as well as simple things we can do to use less plastic.

For teen kids, I love to offer a "Personal Care for you and the planet" talk where we go through personal care, simple steps to heal acne/pimples naturally instead of using harsh, hormone disruptive products, personal hygiene options for girls if it's a girl's group, deodorant, fragrance, and shower products" so that they're aware of endocrine disruptive chemicals and how to start 'right' on the personal care front.

Another talk that works well is more workshop style where we start with a short keynote from me on plastic pollution and waste and move into workshopping how to reduce waste in our school, coming up with an action plan that the school can then put in place in the short and long term. Very powerful stuff when it's student-powered instead of teens being 'told what to do'.

Reviewing, Advertising & Affiliates

We love doing product shoutouts if something is beautiful, natural, and powerful towards healthy living, with planet health at the centre of the company's philosophy. Affiliating a small select amount of books or products that we specifically seek out is a lovely way for us to help brands worth growing, grow and for Low Tox Life to be remunerated for the time taken to write posts, organise the giveaways and reply to winners and co-ordinate prizes.

If you are a brand you might want to partner on our E courses or the Low Tox Club - These are a great, low cost to you way to connect with the people who are trying to find you once they learn about conscious living. Please email [email protected] to discuss options.

If you'd like to send us a low tox item such as a personal care or cleaning product it must be sure to have

  • no parabens,
  • no phthalates,
  • no triclosan,
  • no phenoxyethanol,
  • no SLES at all and no SLS from unsustainable palm or petroleum
  • no petroleum-derived ingredients
  • no formaldehyde
  • no nanoparticles
  • no microbeads
  • no GMOs
  • no uncertified palm oil

If it's a food or cooking product, it must contain

  • no synthetic additives
  • no synthetic thickeners
  • no preservatives
  • no palm oil (unless certified sustainable by Daabon)
  • no fake colourings or annatto natural colouring
  • no vegetable oils (other than cold pressed or extra virgin olive oil)
  • no synthetic stabilisers
  • no hydrogenated oils
  • no GM ingredients (including if meat, no animal products from animals fed GMO grains)
  • no factory farming origin ingredients.
  • no MSG

When it comes to food, ingredients must be spray-free/organic.

We do not compromise on the above so please, rather than waste product, best keep it if it doesn't meet these guidelines.

Check out our Media Kit HERE.


  • We do not write posts promoting brands where I or my business Low Tox Life is paid to do so.
  • We may add affiliate links in posts for products we've road-tested in the past or currently use and believe in.  Rest assured that we would NEVER mention anything that wasn't going to be genuinely useful or awesome to eat or lather yourself in that wasn't 100% safe for you and our planet.


I wish you the very best in your low tox life.

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Alexx Stuart

PO Box 1332, Double Bay, 1360 NSW, Australia.

Disclaimer. I am not a doctor, naturopath, or nutritionist. I'm a concerned citizen, good motivator, speaker, and change maker. I am a health coach who did my studies with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York which I'm truly excited about! If you suffer from serious health issues, it is best you have not just me helping you 'ditch the toxic stuff' but also a trusted health practitioner you gel with to create the best environment for your progress toward feeling awesome. Nothing on this website is intended as medical advice. Alexx.