Here is where we gather all the resources, be it podcasts, online courses, articles, tips, recipes that are helping our low tox parents raise happy, thriving kids who have every chance at being the best they can be regardless of the state of their health right now.

Everything in this section is here to inspire beautiful, delicious, healthy food habits, help you teach your kids to love that type of food, inspire you to show your kids mindfulness around food, where real food comes from and especially with the Low Tox Kids course, understand environmental toxin exposure around your kids and how to avoid them.

I hope this section makes you feel like there is so much you can actually do to support the health of your children now and into the future. It’s all about building resilience in our children and a rock solid foundation so that (most of the time) we’re not exposing them to nasty stuff. It’s a gift to raise kids who are aware and know how to look after their health and the planet’s health!


Low Tox Kids - A private learning space with practitioner interviews, shopping lists, tips, research and more, specific to your children's development, environmental toxins and helping our kids grow low tox in a high tox world. It's an on demand, life time access course you can take today and tuck away!

THRIVE: Raising Kids who love real food. Run by myself and co-creator Brenda Janschek with a wonderful panel of experts, Thrive is all about building a rock solid education for our kids around FOOD. These days we actually have to educate our kids about what is and isn't great food. 100 years ago food was food, ie simple produce, and you had cake on birthdays and that was as complicated as it was. These days it's different and to help you help your children thrive, this course is a brilliant tool in your tool box.


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