It’s up to you what becomes normal

Cupcakes at 9.30am are not normal.

Branded Finding Nemo Bananas that attract a premium  for the privilege of the plastic wrap are not normal.

1 small knob of organic ginger on a styrofoam tray wrapped in plastic is not normal.

Breakfast cereals for a ‘good start’ without a single unrefined ingredient in them, is not normal.

Cleaning products that clean our house while poisoning the sea are not normal.

Microwavable frozen yoghurt with car coolant in it, is not normal.

Snacking all day on weirdo packets of fakeness that do nothing to nourish us is not normal.

Bread mixed in Ireland then shipped across the world and ‘baked fresh daily’ in a supermarket…. not normal.

Sun creams with more known carcinogens than sun protective ingredients is not normal.

Instead of opening a window, they create a ‘fresh air system’ that involves toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals – it’s not normal!

Baby’s toys that disrupt their hormones are not normal.

Branded bananas

Unless… we say it is.

Grow your consciousness. Don’t be scared. There’s plenty of support these days. We can’t let this sort of absurdity become normal…

Because it isn’t. What would you add?


Real Food. Low Tox. Happy Bodies. Happy Planet.


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  1. Alexx, I so agree. The amount of unnecessary packaging on “fresh” food is inexcusable. We made a conscious decision this year to purchase no more telegraph cucumbers – although they’re often cheaper than the other types (and goodness knows our budget can be tight), the shrink-wrapped plastic sleeve makes them an unacceptable choice. But what irks me the most is seeing the insane, wastefully packaged “Avo Fresh” product stocked in amongst the fresh produce in our local independent grocer:

  2. Strange to me that the more affluent our society has (generally) become, the poorer our food choices have become too.

    We can now choose to buy branded, heavily-packaged, nutrient poor food for our children.

    What a wonderful thing we’ve created for ourselves…

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      Indeed! I am constantly shocked in my local park. We are completely mindless. Changing that one day and one idea spread at a time!

      1. Mmm. My daughter (3yo) was offered a slice of freeze-dried packaged apple – she did eat it…but it made me wonder how exactly the packaging on a plain old ordinary juicy red apple could be improved. I didn’t dare look at the ingredients list to see what else might have been in the innocuous looking “organic” product.

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  3. Yes I agree. It is about time we did something about this situation. Is it just that people are not educated or don’t they care. I was in a private hospital canteen recently and the food available was not healthy or edible. This is what the hospital staff feed themselves on. No wonder so many people have health issues.

  4. Oh I so hear you on this! I was similarly disgusted when I discovered these in Coles. Another thing that’s not normal? ‘Organic’ cage eggs. Greenwashing at it’s finest right there.

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      So wrong – If a banana is too big for your child, cut it in half and if your child won’t eat a banana unless there’s nemo on it, then there a much bigger problem on your hands. We have to wake up to the brain wash! 🙂

  5. I agree with a lot of what you said there but I don’t see anything wrong with packaging fruit in a way that makes it more appealing to children. As much as we don’t like it advertising appeals to children and I would much rather my children asking me for nemo bananas than for nemo shaped biscuits. So good on Mackays for making fruit fun

  6. ‘Low fat’ aka highly processed & loaded with sugar – or worse – artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners. No – bananas do not need plastic wrapping, can they just have a sticker attached to ‘make bananas fun’. We are brainwashed into believing we ‘neeed’ to make food fun… & we brainwash our children. Here’s a thing – give them choices… banana? apple? grapes? carrot sticks? Avocado mash dip….. We -already- have a ton of choices. I send my 5yr old to school with lots of great choices, sometimes she food swaps & comes home with a ‘what are people thinking to give this to children’ wrapper. She liked the ‘this was once some semblance of a food they now call dried yogurt chips’ but asks for carrot sticks. Because she gets a choice at home. And she learns from me what are better choices & how & why to make them. We so need to wake up & take responsibility for our health & our planet

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