11 Low Tox Products For Little Performers

ffIf your child participates in performances through school or an extra curricular activity, chances are they have to wear some sort of product, right? Dance concert? Gymnastics? I absolutely LOVED this time of year growing up. The lights, the getting to wear make up, the loud music and the performances. Shall we take a trip down my memory lane of the 80s with a couple of pics I found when writing this today? Too funny, right?! 2016-11-20-13-24-15



I did ballet (short lived as I couldn’t ‘stick my behind IN enough’ – their words, not mine), jazz, hip hop and breakdance – Funny story, I was the only kid in my class allowed to do the breakdancing class (thanks Mum!) and so I would teach any other kids who wanted, all the moves the next day at school for 20c each! A business owner from way back as you can see.

Now, this post isn’t about me, or dancing on the Sydney Opera House concert hall stage to “You Got the Right Stuff”, an NKOTB classic, no (o-o-o-o-o – you just hummed it didn’t you!?). This post is about a few products I recommend as essential non toxic, high performing must haves, to help you have your little one looking and feeling fabulous, without the petroleum, hormone disruptors and lung irritants found in the gamut of products routinely used for performances of all kinds.

We can’t control everything. Yes, they will have to wear synthetic fabrics and yes, they’ll catch a wiff of someone else’s something, but you know what? Stressing about what you can’t control is the opposite of living a low tox life, mind wise. Let’s focus on what WE can control and buy our own safe, low tox kit to use and enjoy those super special moments in childhood.

If you read through this and start thinking about “oh gosh, what about MY stuff? My partner’s shave cream? My bed sheets? My kitchen… Don’t panic. You can enrol in the next round of GO LOW TOX, the course I created to make changing over to beautiful options for people and planet, an enjoyable, empowering 5 week process.


But at least for now, we can sort your little stage stars out in the mean time!


NOTE: Click the yellow titles to go and check them out on the various websites I’ve linked to for you.


Pure Poppet Kid’s Nail Polish

This stuff is perfect for little ones as it’s water based and non-toxic. It also comes in lots of different colours so you can make sure your kid ‘matches’ the rest of the kids in the performance.



Benecos Mineral Powder

You’ll have a hard time convincing the dance teacher to let them go bare faced, so we might as well be armed with the good stuff. Rather than smearing all that stage pancake make-up on their tender little faces, try Benecos mineral powder. Great coverage. It’s not specifically for kids but it will do the job beautifully and won’t break the bank! They have a great, reasonably priced Kabuki brush too.


Pure Poppet Hair Colour Set

If you have to colour your little one’s hair, you don’t want it to be permanent or to damage their hair – at least until they’re an uncontrollable teen anyway, right? Pure poppet has a great hair kit that’s perfect for one-off hair colouring needs – did someone also say ‘fun for the holidays!’? Surely it’s not the summer holidays again soon, yet? Where did the year go!



100% Pure Cheek and Lip tint

This is a fabulous product because it’s multipurpose. Doll cheeky, highlighting cheek bones, lipstick… It does the lot and it’s in 3 different shades.


YAROK Feed Your Do Hair Whip

You can use a gentle but effective paste to tame those flyaways and style the little dude’s mohawks. Bonus: This paste will reduce the overall amount of harmful sprays in the air in the dressing room if you can get enough parents onto this one and the next recommendation.


YAROK natural hair spray

Another brilliant one for the tight hair buns and perfect ponytails required! This is a fantastic light-medium hold hair spray that lacks the synthetic fragrances, hormone disruptors and lung irritants of your average hairspray – doesn’t that sound hard to give up? NOT! I’ve been to Yarok salon in NYC and it’s such an unassuming, special salon. For a hair treatment there, they hack fresh aloe vera plant off the feature wall, and pop it into a smoothie blender with avocado, coconut cream and your chosen essential oils. I’m honestly NOT joking!


No Nasties Purple Make-Up Pack

If you need eye shadow these are great. Also for home it will more than keep the little people amused one afternoon on a rainy day.



No Nasties Face Paint

A gorgeous kit! With white in there you can mix various shades, making it really versatile.

Lavera Soft Eyeliner

Dance teachers usually insist on the kids wearing eyeliner (which is kind of fair enough because stage lights pretty much eat everyone’s facial features) but that doesn’t mean you need to grab any old eyeliner from the supermarket. This Lavera eyeliner is soft and non-toxic making it gentle and easy to apply. And if you’ve ever tried to put eyeliner on a ten year old you’ll know you need all the help you can get. There’s also a brilliant 100% Pure liquid eyeliner you might have seen my Halloween handy work over on Facebook recently?


Vegan Make-up Brush Set

Wot Not make-up brushes are vegan and cruelty free – this little set is perfect to pop in your kid’s make-up bag.



And then to take it all off gently? Weleda Cleansing Milk

This is a beautiful, gentle formulation that YOU can have and share with your little peeps as needed.



So there you have it – just a few product ideas to keep your kid’s performances as low tox as possible! Anything you’d like to add? It’s never going to be ‘perfect’ whatever that means anyway, right? So here’s to doing the best we can and minimising toxic load where possible.

Low Tox. Happy Bodies. Happy Planet

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Disclosure. This post contains affiliate links. I have tried every single product I recommend or in this case, gifted it to other people’s children. Affiliation generally tends to earn me back the cost of my experimenting with everything to try and test it, as well as the 3-4 hours it takes to put something like this together for you guys if lucky. I’m a big fan of transparency and appreciate your support very much. You can absolutely count on me to have the highest of high integrity and not give you ‘bum steers’ towards dud products that waste your time and money. High performance. Low Tox. That’s the way we like it!


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