Real Treats (Kindle ebook)


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I created this book because I am a passionate real foodist and want to help in this era of crazy, degenerative illness in our world. I speak, conduct workshops, pantry clear outs and office well being sessions, and am a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador. This is my first book and I’m excited to share it with you all because while health is awesome, food that tastes boring is a total waste of time. It MUST be enjoyable and delicious. This book is for those that suffer junk or refined food addiction and guilt patterns, as well as it is for people who have intolerance, allergies or preferences when it comes to cutting out major allergens such as gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugars. Imagine looking at someone with their donut or candy bar and having a complete feeling of indifference – like you couldn’t give two hoots about what they’re having and you certainly wouldn’t dream of having the same. Perhaps you’re like that already or maybe you’ve only recently started the journey. I believe it’s really easy to let go of all the bad stuff – by taking the time to redefine treats for ourselves, and that’s what we do in this book together. How can things that are more addictive than narcotics to our brains, be a healthy part of life? How can ingredients that are continuing to cause more obesity, more allergies and more behavioural problems in our children, be treats? I aim to make the transition to real food and healthier sweets delicious, fun and exciting – Think about the deliciousness you’re adding IN, not what you’re taking away. It’s my mission for people to feel awesome. Food is a massive part of that. Treats are a pivotal place that people ‘fall down’ on. Real Treats will help you look at what we call a treat currently in our culture, and see it for what it really is. Then you can free yourself from the guilt and pleasure cycle of processed, refined sweets for good. Secondly, it invites you into a world of achievable and delectable deliciousness. You’ll feel nourished, treated and satisfied and embrace cooking and all the good things it does for your health, your family, and the planet – even with sometimes treat foods! Enjoy malted chocolate drinking powder, simple instant ice creams, cakes and cobblers and celebrate Real Treats. If we’re going to get healthy and pass health onto our next generations, it starts in our kitchens. We don’t need a manual, a system or an overly strict regime of calorie counting. We just need real food, a positive attitude and a new found excitement for creating delicious things in our kitchens that really are treats.Everyone can do this. If you want to start. I want to help. Shall we bake?