Easy Read Recipes – Alexx’s best-of recipes in an easy-read format


Do you want a nourishing meal for your family on the table in the quickest amount of time? Have you considered that trying to decipher a recipe could be one of the things that hold you up; especially when you have to continually go back and forth between the ingredients and the method? Well, here is the solution!

Leanne Foreman, from Easy Read Recipes and me, Alexx, the founder of Low Tox Life, have collaborated to provide a collection of my easiest and most popular real food recipes, written in Leanne’s patented, easier-to-read and follow recipe format. Enjoy!

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Hello! One of the best things to come out of running my Low Tox Method business coaching program is having so many wonderful small business owners to collaborate with in their specialisations in the low tox space. One such person is Leanne Foreman, who has been making it easier for people to read recipes and feel motivated to cook more, for years. Are you someone who feels that recipes are often written in a way that makes things confusing, or that because perhaps of ADD, another form of neurodivergence, being unwell, dyslexia or other challenges, you crave simplicity? Well, my recipes are often straight out of my head on to the page and I’ll admit, not always perfectly flowing instructions.

To that end, Leanne and I have created this book because we are passionate about helping people stay healthy and happy by eating nourishing real food while not coming up against a ‘tricky recipe layout’ barrier. We want it to be as easy as possible for as many as possible to read and follow these gluten and refined sugar free recipes.

The recipes cover:

  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Vegetable Sides
  • Soups
  • Mains
  • Sweet Treats

Who is this book good for?

Those who
  • want real food on the table in the quickest time possible
  • are frustrated with the traditional recipe format where they get lost or leave out ingredients because of the back and forth
  • have intolerance, allergies or preferences when it comes to cutting out major allergens such as gluten, grain, and refined sugars.
  • just plain love delicious food
  • are passionate about enjoying food without the nasties
  • want the best food for their kids
  • want to save time and reduce stress in the kitchen

You’ll feel nourished and satisfied and embrace cooking with all the good things it does for your health, your family, and the planet.

As I always say, “Keep changing the world from your kitchen! That’s where it starts when it comes to food and health”