The Low Tox Life Surgery Guide


Where we need to turn to surgery, be it a general operation or something more urgent, we can be given a stack of pamphlets or handouts with vague descriptions on what to expect and feel very out of control. But the thing is, a trip to the hospital doesn’t have to be a trip away from natural health care. You can make decisions that support you holistically, even while in the care of a hospital.



This Low Tox Life Surgery Guide provides a full rundown on:

  • What foods to eat to support pre-op preparation and post-op recovery.
  • Natural and safe ways to support liver detoxification and promote healing + why this is SO important.
  • Supplements to take and avoid both pre and post surgery (naturopath approved!)
  • Foods to prepare for the hospital so you can avoid any nasties and support your body to heal.
  • A two-day sample meal plan of foods that are easily digestible and support recovery.
  • Recommended alternative therapies to aid in healing and relieve
  • A full guide on supporting children through surgery by integrative pediatrician Dr Leila Masson.

+ additional reading and resources to guide you through your unique experience with surgery.

This guide answers all your tricky questions and you’ll feel empowered and knowledgeable so that when you go in for your operation you’ll know how best to nourish your body back to health, naturally and gently.