Get REAL on body image

REAL. Is it a word being over used these days? I don’t think it’s being used enough yet and possibly least of all when it comes to body image, never mind food and personal care products (for a change). Question at every turn: Is this REAL? If the answer is no, then ask Why am I buying it? Why am I trying to live up to it? Why do I really need *it* and how exactly is it making me happier?

It makes no sense how we can be bitching about a photoshop image in a magazine one minute and then torturing ourselves for not being a perfect 10 with legs that have no scars, veins or freckles the next. We have to get REAL. It’s a skill. We have to do the work of building our self love as well as teach our kids – boys and girls – that when it comes to what you see in magazines, it’s simply not REAL.

This awakening video thanks to Laura Willard from Upworthy, shows us the extent of how *un* real the images by which girls and women judge themselves are. If you’ve ever struggled with body image, have yourself a Good Will Hunting Moment and say to yourself: It’s not your fault. Maybe then we can finally walk away from trying to live up to and buy into such craziness and fakeness in our world. There is beauty in REAL. Endless beauty. Look at the faces of the people you love. Without wanting to sound too woo woo ish, look at the crazy miracle of you in the mirror.


Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 3.21.55 PMClick on the image to click through to the video!


Embrace real. Embrace making peace with your body. I feel sad at the thought of this beautiful girl seeing the ‘finished product’ and thinking to herself ‘oh look at how much they had to do to me to make me look beautiful’, when she should have said to herself ‘oh look at how much they did to me to make me look fake. Screw this. I’m beautiful’!


Could someone you know need to see this? Let’s inspire some change!

Real bodies. Real beauty

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  1. The problem with advertising like this is that subliminally it is very powerful for girls and women alike …… they don’t understand that NOBOdy really looks like this !! It’s a crying shame in my opinion that there isn’t more regulation on what they are actually allowed to portray :/ Thanks for sharing Alexx xoxo

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